2024 speakers & program

2024 speakers & program

We released the first preview of ADworld Experience 2024, which will take place (as planned) on October 17 and 18, 2024, live in Bologna (Italy) and via online live streaming.

The program is focused on two days (Thursday+Friday), with the first day (10/17/24) focused on advanced workshops in Google Ads, Meta Ads, Linkedin, TikTok, programmatic, anaytics and Conversion Rate Optimization and the second day (10/18/24) on real PPC campaign case histories.

The two main moderators will be Valerio Celletti (one of the most well-known and experienced Italian GAds specialists) and Enrica Campana (who excellently moderated in 2023 and has been reconfirmed this year too ;- ).

On Thursday 17 October there will be advanced seminars by:

  • Navah Hopkins (the 3rd most influential PPC specialist in the world in 2024)
  • Jon Loomer (long-time advertising specialist on Meta, for the first time in an event in EU)
  • Adriaan Dekker (perhaps the best-known European PPC specialist at the moment)
  • André Morys (a fantastic CRO specialist from Germany)
  • Federica Brancale (a very well known design thinking specialist, who will hold a live CRO workshop)
  • Sarah Sal (great Social Media Marketing expert in Hootsuite)
  • Ruben Runneboom (one of the most interesting emerging EU’s GAds specialists)
  • Manuel Lodi (programmatic advertising master)
  • Felix Beilharz (well-known German SMM expert, who will show us an exclusive eye tracking study on FB/IG ads)
  • Massimo Vichi (Linkedin marketing specialist)
  • Sante J. Achille (super-known international SEO, who will explain how Natual Language Processing can help PPC campaigns).

A the end of the first day we will have a Google Ads Clinic and a Facebook Ads Clinic (two sessions dedicated entirely to the live analysis of participants’ accounts carried out by the speakers of the day + some experts from our panel of PPC Jedi Knights). This year there will also be a live Conversion Rate Optimization workshop, held by Federica Brancale.

On Friday 18 October 24 real PPC case studies will be presented by the speakers of the first day and:

  • Luca Bove (Local Service Ads)
  • Bianca Bergshoeff (maximizing return rates & profit)
  • Chiara Piras (YouTube Ads)
  • Igor Ivitskiy (30x revenue in B2C SaaS)
  • Giuseppe Scollo (successfull restructuring GAds with a 8x revenue increase)
  • Amy Stamper (from pixels to incremental profits in Meta Ads)
  • Andrea Atzori (Italian/Aussie specialist working on large MetaAds campaigns)
  • Antonio Baroni (multichannel GAds by PeakAce)
  • Alberto Narenti (bidding and performance strategies)
  • Michal Barta (increasing the quality of leads)
  • Sveva Coltellacci (successful lead generation in Linkedin Ads).

There still are a few last speakers missing, but I would say that our lineup is already impressive for both quality and years of experience, as usual.

Be careful though, because almost 100 participants have already secured their place in Bologna. The location is small and people are whispering… so the places to attend live are decreasing rapidly (and their price will soon go up again).

Have you already registered or do you like to suffer? 🙂

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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