2018 Detailed Agenda

April 12-13, 2018, Zanhotel Europa – Bologna (Italy) or via live streaming.

April 12, 2018

Advanced Seminars (1.5h or 45 minutes each, the ones with LIVE icon will be in streaming too)

Live Streaming 9 ways to make the Facebook Ads platform do the hard work for you
In this expert session, Dennis Yu and Tanner Laycock share insights from their most recent visit to Facebook headquarters. Learn how to diagnose high CPM and unprofitable campaigns systematically via the “Top N” method. See how to structure your campaigns so that you don’t get penalized by Relevance Score. Learn the 3×3 grid and Topic Wheel to build custom audience sequences between video views at the top to cross-channel conversions at the bottom. See new tricks within Business Manager on automated rules (to eliminate 80% of manual day-to-day headaches), Advanced Measurement (you will get access soon), and other tools. We will share techniques by demonstrating live in Facebook ad accounts, not in PowerPoint, so this is not a slide-driven presentation. Be ready to ask questions, too. At the end of the session, you will receive the latest training manuals we got from Facebook, which are not in Facebook blueprint or easily found online. Learn from the mistakes of a billion dollars of ad spend over 11 years.
Dennis Yu and Tanner Laycock (BlitzMetrics)

Italian Native & Data: come sviluppare una strategia digitale di successo (9:45-10:30)
Il rumoroso e competitivo mondo online, saturo di annunci pubblicitari, contribuisce a confondere gli utenti spingendoli verso gli adblockers. Per far fronte a questa criticità e creare un engagement più profondo con il proprio target, molti brand da anni stanno investendo sul content marketing e sul native advertising.Carmelo Noto, Country Manager di Outbrain, spiegherà quali sono gli elementi chiave per sviluppare una strategia digitale vincente, basata sugli interessi autentici del proprio target. Durante il seminario verranno inoltre condivisi dati, consigli di valore e casi di successo di brand che, lavorando in ottica di interest targeting, stanno raggiungendo i propri KPI con il Native advertising.
Carmelo Noto (Outbrain)
Italian Native & Programmatic Advertising: potenzia il tuo marketing mix (10:30-11:15)
Una panoramica sulle principali piattaforme di Native e Programmatic Advertising per il mercato italiano ed estero: cosa sono, come funzionano e perché è importante integrarle nella strategia di Web Marketing, per imparare a creare annunci che convertono sfruttando (anche) Facebook e Google. Non mancheranno esempi pratici e case study.
Saverio Bruno (Twow)

MADRID HALL (-1 Level)
Advanced PPC: Best Practice in Google Shopping and Amazon PPC
We will share our experience with both platforms and invite you to a deep-dive into:
Best Practice Google Shopping
What does an ideal campaign structure in Google Shopping look like?
Easy and complex bid calculations: Learn how to correctly calculate the bid uplift (the gap between maxCPC and avgCPC) and how to optimize your bids for different device types, using the right mobile modifiers!
How to filter the incoming search traffic using Negative Keywords.
Which A/B-testing gives you the insights you need to optimize your campaigns?
Best Practice Amazon PPC
Where do Amazon PPC and Google AdWords differ crucially?
How to set up an ideal campaign structure in Amazon.
Positive/Negative Keyword Handling: Search Query Sculpting in Amazon PPC.
Pros and cons of easy and complex bid calculations in Amazon.
Florian Nottorf (Adference)

How to 3x your Shopping Campaigns with Segmentation and Optimization
From only appearing on long-tail highly commercial searches to one-word keywords today, Shopping Ads are now everywhere. Learn how how to set up campaign segmentation (incl. ad groups and product group structure) that gives you back the control, and my personal framework for optimizing Google Shopping campaigns. Common cases using this approach report 3x increases in profitable ROAS. The seminar will focus briefly on how to segment campaigns and then we’ll dig into how to set up ad groups, product groups and finalize them within an optimized framework.
Andrew Lolk (Savvy Revenue)

OSLO HALL (-1 Level)
Live Streaming Italian Alla ricerca del form perfetto
A nessuno piace compilare i form, ma questi sono un elemento fondamentale dell’architettura del web. In questo seminario analizzaremo le linee guida e le tecniche per migliorare i tassi di completamento dei form basandoci sull’analisi di una serie di casi concreti.
Alessandro Martin (Pro Web Consulting)

11:15Coffee break
Live Streaming Metric Insight for Conversion Journeys
Setup and analysis of key metrics to understand where users lose their way on the conversion journey. Examples of additional measurement and tips to set these up using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. With a measurement plan in place I will then explain how to apply this to the shaping and testing a clear proposition to drive users to the objectives. Your landing page (and next steps) are where you build interest, desire and ultimately action. What to consider, What to measure, Why there is no one single “right” way, How to tailor your approach depending on your audience, your proposition and your campaign objectives.
Tim Stewart (Trsdigital)

Live Streaming Italian La rivoluzione BMM / Exact per le campagne Search
Come realizzare una struttura di account super granulare, performante e automatizzata partendo da zero, grazie all’utilizzo di Excel, Adwords Editor, Script e Tool di terze parti.
Michele Mereu (Mickymereu.com)

MADRID HALL (-1 Level)
Italian Facebook Ads: best practice, trucchi ed errori fatali da evitare
Il mondo delle Facebook Ads si sta facendo sempre più competitivo, diventa quindi fondamentale conoscere gli strumenti avanzati che offre e le tecniche per acquisire contatti e clienti. Vedremo quali posizionamenti selezionare in base all’obiettivo, come scalare le campagne, gli utilizzi avanzati delle Lookalike e del Facebook Pixel e altre modalità per migliorare performance e costi di acquisizione.
Veronica Gentili (Glisco Marketing)

Streamline AdWords Management With Optmyzr (11:30-12:15)
If you’ve been looking for an affordable yet powerful solution to manage AdWords, Optmyzr is part of a new class of tools to consider. Join Optmyzr’s co-founder, Frederick Vallaeys to get an overview of how Optmyzr is used by PPC pros worldwide to get more results in less time. In this session you will learn: How to automate custom optimizations; How to keep your clients informed with automated reports; How to gain new insights with data visualizations; How to deploy AdWords Scripts easily across all your accounts.
Frederick Vallaeys (Optmyzr)
Italian Opteo: gestire e ottimizzare le campagne con l’AdWords Automation (12:15-13:00)
In questo workshop approfondiremo l’utilizzo di Opteo, uno dei tool di AdWords Automation che ti permetterà di risparmiare tempo e gestire efficacemente le campagne Google Adwords. Dopo 1 anno di utilizzo, ti mostrerò tutte le funzionalità, i passaggi necessari e i vantaggi che otterrai da questo strumento. Con Opteo, infatti, potrai gestire e analizzare tutte le campagne, ottenendo suggerimenti preziosi sulla base dei tuoi obiettivi di conversione. Ti spiegherò come usarlo e sfruttarlo per l’ottimizzazione e anche per la reportistica dettagliata che fornisce: dalle keywords agli annunci, fino agli alert.
Alessandro Frangioni (Roads)

OSLO HALL (-1 Level)
LinkedIn Ads Advanced Workshop
You’ll learn how LinkedIn Ads fits into the social ad space, and how it compares to the other digital marketing channels. You’ll also learn about the best practices for Business to Business (B2B) marketing occurs. Next we’ll cover how to approach LinkedIn Ads for your business. The most accurate targeting, the right ad units to use, and how to get the most attention for the least amount of money. We’ll also go through advanced features like Audience Match, Retargeting, Lead Form Ads, and more.
AJ Wilcox (B2Linked.com)

13:00Lunch break
Live Streaming Automating AdWords With Scripts (14:00-14:45)
If you want to be competitive in PPC, you have to automate so you can free up time to work on strategic initiatives. Learn how AdWords Scripts can automate AdWords without writing a single line of code. Leverage the scripts others have built to get started in less than 15 minutes. Learn how to take scripts to the next level by making simple customizations so that you can move from cookie-cutter automation to smart automation that’s deeply integrated with your business.
Frederick Vallaeys (Optmyzr)
Advanced Ecommerce PPC: Integrations with Data for Growth (14:45-15:30)
This fast-paced session is designed for ecommerce advertisers who are already running successful campaigns, and want to take them to the next level. It will focus on how to grow accounts beyond their presupposed limits. What do we mean by integration? All data sources, combined as best as possible, will contribute to a singular campaign which will drive high revenue growth – sustainability. It spans Paid Search & Shopping, Display Advertising, and Paid Social. Amongst other tips and tricks, you will learn about: 1) The three key types of campaign optimisation: for Google, for Customers, and for the Business – and why these aren’t always aligned; 2) How feed-based campaigns are definitely not just for Shopping campaigns, but also Search, Display and Social; 3) Why your ROAS bidding strategies or tools are flawed (without introducing contextual feeds); 4) The best ways to involve other business stakeholders for maximum effect, with minimum hassle – get other teams involved! 5) A fully integrated approach, including SERP layout tracking, 3rd party data sources, and some advanced audience targeting methods.
Liam Wade (Impression)

Live Streaming Italian Cosa ho imparato in 8 anni di social media marketing: earned, owned e paid media
Le strategie più avanzate di social media marketing devono comprendere un corretto di mix di earned, owned e paid media. Nel corso dell’intervento analizzeremo gli spunti più interessanti delle strategie elaborate in questi anni con clienti come AS ROMA, FENDI, Olimpiadi Rio 2016, Olimpiadi Invernali PyeongChang2018, Pirelli, Internazionali BNL d’Italia, Fiorello e Mediaset.
Luca La Mesa (SingularityU)

MADRID HALL (-1 Level)
Italian Le neuro-scienze per potenziare il business
Quali sono i fattori chiave per prevedere una decisione di acquisto? Circuito delle ricompense, dopamina, emozioni. E’ possibile sviluppare e potenziare le attività di marketing e comunicazione in ottica neuro-cognitiva applicando conoscenze scientifiche di comprovata efficacia.
Giuliano Trenti (Neurexplore)

Excel Formulas & Tips to Supercharge Your Reporting (11:30-12:15)
Many times I have walked into a role and either there is no report my predecessor has left me or what has been left has been a one dimensional confusing grouping of data. In my talk I will go through beginner/intermediate/advanced Microsoft Excel formulas & tools that any PPC manager can use to de-mystify their reporting for their clients. I.e. getting your client to spend more money.
Anu Adegbola (MindSwan)
Closed Loop Reporting: Measuring Leads to Revenue from Your PPC Campaigns (12:15-13:00)
Are your leads turning into customers? Revenue? Marketing has historically been tasked with generating leads, but if we generated 1,000 leads and those leads never progressed in the sales process, never closed, and never spent a single dollar with your company, the effort would be an epic fail. It’s time for marketers to measure performance and success with deeper funnel metrics. In this session, attendees will walk away knowing: 1) How to measure your campaign performance from leads to revenue with closed-loop reporting; 2) How to use this data to then optimize your return on advertising spending (ROAS); 3) How to present data that will impress stakeholders
Sahil Jain (AdStage)

OSLO HALL (-1 Level)
Laying the foundation of a testing program using ResearchXL
Getting a testing program off the ground is not an easy task. Using the methods we have developed at CXL you will be able to get a head start, avoid most mistakes and get it right the first time around.
Edgar Spongolts (ConversionXL)

15:30Coffee break
Live Streaming Low risk, high opportunity Facebook ads
Facebook has made significant changes to the ad platform, causing many advertisers to have to rebuild campaigns or even get shut down. We have the latest techniques from our discussions with Facebook on how to make your ad campaigns perform well and avoid the risks of getting banned or having escalating costs.
We will cover 33 ad combinations you can run right now, tying together your cross-channel custom audiences.
To measure ROI properly, we will log in live to give you a demonstration of how to use Facebook’s new analytics, including Advanced Measurement, which you will get later this year if you don’t have it already.
Walk away with a campaign template you can apply for your company or client, whether e-commerce, lead gen, retail, CPG, or other vertical.
Sam Collier (Blitzmetrics)

Live Streaming Italian Marketing automation per e-commerce: come sfruttare la matrice RFM nella tua strategia + live session software
Nel Workshop verrà affrontato un nuovissimo modo di segmentare gli utenti, infatti tramite la matrice RFM (Recency – Frequency – Monetary Value) si possono individuare in maniera dinamica i migliori segmenti sui quali attivare automazioni dedicate. Vedremo nella prima parte del workshop come creare una strategia di automation from scratch ed a seguire una live session di software come Sales Manago e Betaout che includono la matrice RFM tra le loro funzionalità.
Francesco Chiappini (E-commerce School)

MADRID HALL (-1 Level)
Italian Come gestire la brand protection in contesti multinazionali, con E-commerce multi lingua, multi country e negozi fisici in tutto il mondo
L’esperienza fatta per un brand internazionale Top Of Mind del suo settore nel quale si affronterà il tema della brand protection. Per clienti di fama internazionale questa attività diventa sempre più importante per assicurarsi di raccogliere quanto seminato “Top of the Funnel”. Vedremo inoltre alcuni insight strategici che possono permettere di acquisire una migliore conoscenza del contesto competitivo nel quale ci si muove.
Italian Google Grants 2018: Quando il gioco si fa duro le non profit iniziano a giocare
Il programma dedicato al mondo Non Profit è sempre stato particolare, se da un lato avere a disposizione un budget gratuito permette a tutti di ottenere visibilità in SERP, dall’altro la mancanza di organigrammi definiti e di professionisti all’interno delle organizzazioni ha fatto sì che gli account si strutturassero spesso in modo inefficiente. Google, probabilmente per contenere l’utilizzo smodato del budget e per “ripulire” SERP da annunci decontestualizzati ha introdotto una serie di vincoli che se non rispettati portano alla sospensione degli account.
Gabriele Benedetti (SearchOn Media Group)

Italian Tavola Rotonda sul Programmatic Advertising
Cos’è il Programmatic Buying e quali sono i player più utilizzati in Italia. Qual è il valore aggiunto di questo canale? Possono utilizzarlo solo i grandi inserzionisti o anche le PMI? Che integrazioni sono possibili tra il Search Engine Marketing o il Social Media Marketing e il Real Time Bidding? Che possibilità di targeting può offrire?
Simone Freddi (Programmatic Italia), Bruno Schirò (AppNexus), Matteo Pomi (Turbo), Alfonso Mariniello (AdForm), Fabio Grassini (Outbrain) e Saverio Bruno (Twow)

OSLO HALL (-1 Level)
Quora: The Next Major Ad Platform You Need To Be On
Marketers are focused on today and not what the next major ad platform could be (outside of Amazon). I’m going to show you how I research new PPC platforms for a client. Then I’ll talk about my process for building out marketing campaigns and how we look at including sequential remarketing.
Duane Brown (Take Some Risk)

17:30End of the day

19:30Networking Party

April 13, 2018

PPC Case Histories (20 Minutes + 10 Mins Q&A, all available in live streaming too)

International MarketMercato italiano
9:30LinkedIn Ads Case Studies – The Truly Exceptional
Join us for a few of the cases where LinkedIn Ads provided exceptional value, so you can learn how to use those same principles in your own campaigns. We’ll walk through examples and best practices for your offers, bidding strategies, budgeting strategies, and creative.
AJ Wilcox (B2Linked)
Vendere imballaggi con AdWords
Il caso di una ristrutturazione (anzi due) di un account attraverso l’uso di campagne search mirate (anche sul brand) e del remarketing (search e display).
Daniele Crescenzo & Luca Luzzani (SiComunicaWeb)
10:00eCommerce: Stop Pausing AdWords Campaigns and Scale Instead
Almost all advertisers, and many agencies, pause campaigns without reviewing 4-6 key areas that are holding them back. By reviewing these areas BEFORE you pause campaigns you can typically let parts of the campaign run profitably and scale your account instead.
Andrew Lolk (SavvyRevenue)
Interazioni virtuose tra CRO & Advertising
Come l’ottimizzazione delle conversioni ha permesso di migliorare non solo le performance ma anche la struttura stessa e gli annunci di alcune campagne di lead generation e per un e-commerce.
Rosario Toscano e
Angela Venturin (Moca Interactive)
10:30Large scale FB campaign optimization
Take a peek inside campaigns that are spending millions of dollars per month to see how to build, optimize, and report on performance. We will log in to show you how we operate these campaigns, organize teams, manage creatives, analyze audiences, and forecast spend
Sam Collier (Blitzmetrics)
Black Friday Madness
Come prepararsi al meglio per l’evento dell’anno che fa impazzire siti e-commerce, agenzie digital e consumatori finali in tutto il mondo…e fare un +100% fatturato YoY
Michele Mereu (MickyMereu.com)
11:00Coffee break & networkingPausa caffè & networking
11:30AdWords automation – Do more, work less
In this talk I will go through some automation scripts I have implemented to scale our accounts, get a level of detail Google doesn’t do, or just be able to go home on time.
Anu Adegbola (MindSwan)
Campagne Shopping con gli steroidi
Keyword targeting, analisi delle conversioni, regole del feed per ottimizzare la marginalità, struttura ideale e ottimizzazione CPC. Insomma tutto quello che si può fare con una campagna shopping abbiamo provato a farlo e ne riportiamo i risultati.
Marco Frighetto (Booster Box)
12:00The Future of PPC is About Reddit, Quora and More
Are you only focused on Google and Facebook? Many marketers do because they represent $90BB/year in advertising. We are going to go deep on Quora and show you how we build out a program to grow a FinTech’s brand by 10% over the last year.
Duane Brown (Take Some Risk)
Contenuti digitali efficaci in ottica neuro-cognitiva
Due case history per parlare di storytelling e creazioni di video efficaci dal punto di vista neuro-cognitivo
Giuliano Trenti (Neurexplore)
12:30How We Took a B2B PPC Account From Boring to Brilliant
Many PPC pros think B2B account management is static and boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this case we will see how to bring a B2B client into new and exciting directions (obtaining impressive results).
Pauline Jakober (Group Twenty Seven)
Promuovere una sottoscrizione mensile con Facebook
Come Globein (un’azienda sociale del settore del commercio equo e solidale) è riuscita a promuovere efficacemente in Facebook un abbonamento mensile per l’acquisto di un cofanetto di prodotti artigianali provenienti da tutto il mondo.
Massimo Chieruzzi (AdEspresso)
13:00Buffet lunch & networkingPranzo a buffet & networking
14:00Maximizing CR by using the law of reciprocity
Witness the power of giving in helping you increase your overall CR! And double the result by mixing in some urgency!
Edgar Špongolts (ConversionXL)
Penalizzazioni in AdWords e Facebook: come evitarle e come uscirne
Cosa può creare problemi in Adwords e in FB Ads. Differenze e analogie. Cosa possono e non possono dire i due servizi clienti ed eventuali strumenti alternativi per promuovere settori “border line” (come gli integratori).
Emanuele Chiericato (Conversion Driven)
14:30Fashion Retail with a 300%+ Revenue Increase
This case study will showcase learnings taken from the industry of Fashion Retail (but easily applicable elsewhere), with a brand grew 300% in revenue for 2 years running.
Liam Wade (Impression)
Lead generation nel settore B2B. Meglio facebook o linkedin?
Un caso reale di campagne di lead generation a confronto, su facebook e linkedin. Profilazione dell’audience, strategia, ottimizzazione, costi e analisi dei risultati per capire il valore reale e la qualità dei contatti generati dalle campagne leads ads.
Luisa Fontana (Freelance)
15:00Stopping hard-earned traffic going up in smoke
A lesson in the use of tracking data to change UX and logistics. Increased conversion, order value and revenue through attention to key friction points – which ultimately changed how the client runs their business.
Tim Stewart (TRS Digital)
Granulare si, ma non troppo
L’involuzione della SKAG in strategie di anti-segmentazione.
Fabio Antichi (Fortop)
Fabio Antichi (Fortop)
15:30Coffee break & networkingPausa caffè & networking
16:00Data driven campaigns for the travel industry
How to effectively promote an offer and allocate budgets, enhancing customers experience with personalised creatives? We’ll answer these and some more questions with this case study from Rainbow (one of the biggest tourist operators in Poland) awarded twice in 2017 at European Search Awards.
Tomasz Sasiadek (Bluerank)
Strategie avanzate di facebook advertising
Consigli pratici su come utilizzare le nuove funzionalità di Facebook per ottimizzarne la performance.
Luca La Mesa (SingularityU)
16:30Measuring Facebook ROI
Ashley Homestore is the largest furniture store in the world. We will get to log in live into their Facebook and Google accounts to see how this brand structures their campaigns and measures online and offline engagement + sales, looking also at the impact of offline conversion API data and Dynamic Ads.
Dennis Yu (BlitzMetrics)
Shopping: Conversioni indirette e stop agli zombie per far crescere il ROI
Ci sono alcuni settori in cui la facilità di conversione sembra passare tutta dal feed di Google Shopping. Come è possibile raggiungere ROI elevati anche in settori iper-competitivi creando campagne search a basso cpc rimuovendo i prodotti a bassa marginalità, in prossima rottura di stock e non vendibili.
Roberto Pala (Queryo)
17:00PPC Caesars Award prizegiving & Round TablePremiazione PPC Caesars Award e Tavola Rotonda
17:45End of the eventFine dei lavori