Almost ready for ADWEXP15

Almost ready for ADWEXP15

Yesterday we published the first draft program and speakers’ list of ADworld Experience 2015, to be held in Bologna (Italy) on 16 and 17 April (the second day will be available via live streaming too).
One of the most important news of this edition is that the event will last 2 days instead of only 1.  We have in fact organized 2 advanced seminars the day before the conference, six hours each, dealing with specific aspects of Search Advertising & Analytics (only live participants – no streaming available).

  • Advanced AdWords optimizations by Brad Geddes
  • Advanced Analytics by Dara Fitzgerald

Besides these there will be other 2 seminars for Italian speaking audiences on “advanced optimization techniques” by Francesco Tinti and “Alternative channels to AdWords” by Fabio Sutto.  In the coming days we will publish all details on 4/16 advanced seminars.
Another great news is the fact that during the event there will be two contemporary live sessions (and live streamings), one dedicated to the European and international market and one for the Italian one (in Italian language only).  During the day you will be free to switch between the two  and participants will have the recordings of the entire event (subtitled in English).  The event substantially doubled, but keeping the same price of the last edition.
But the most important happening of this new edition will be the 4/16 ADWEXP evening super-party (at Zanhotel Europa in Bologna, as the event itself ;-).  It will definitely be a unique opportunity to personally meet many international Search Advertising experts… while drinking good wine and eating some special Italian delicacies.
We will open registrations within this week (who is on our mailing list will receive a special notice about that).
Look at detail of the program and speakers.
Ciaoo 😉

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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