Call for speakers 2024

Call for speakers 2024

Is now open the hunting season for Pay Per Click & Conversion Rate Optimization case stories for the next ADworld Experience, which will be on October 17-18, 2024, in Bologna (Italy) + via live streaming.

Your case study does not need to be a huge success. It has to be useful to understand how to optimize online advertising and Conversion Rates (as well as to avoid dangerous errors).

You do not need to be famous. There are enough motivators or storytellers!  We need facts & numbers, presented by professionals who directly managed campaigns and can explain them in details, not opinions or second hand data.

You have not to manage big budgets. We are interested in repeatable and scalable strategies in one or more business sectors.

We will evaluate cases related to any online mass advertising circuit (Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram/WA, Amazon, Linkedin, Microsoft, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, programmatic and other minor PPC platforms) and whatever interesting analytics or Conversion Rate Optimization case history.

You must not have presented the same case story in other events and, if it has been already published online, it has to be an in-depth analysis or evolution of what is online.

There is not a real deadline to submit your ideas, but I strongly suggest you to present your ideas (even more than 1) as soon as possible, by spring time 2024 the games will be 99% closed.

This is your opportunity to be part of one of the World’s largest all-PPC events and to gain the possibility to win one of the most coveted prizes for a Pay Per Click Professional. Don’t miss it. Also because you will miss an opportunity to visit the lovely Bologna (just in the middle of Milan-Florence-Venice triangle & home of the largest Agri-food park in the world!).

Drop us a line at sending in a brief description or a video presentation of your case with relevant details to evaluate it, and a link to your site and/or Linkedin profile.

Of course, all the data you share with us will remain strictly confidential, unless you agree to speak about them at next ADworld Experience, of course 😉

Credits: In the photo by Dino Buffagni, Miroslav Varga (Escape Studio) is just a bit happy (& me for him) of having won the PPC Caesars Award 2023 for the best international case story presented (& voted by participants).

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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