Google is removing the possibility to prevent display ads from being shown in apps

9/6 UPDATE: I completely misunderstood Google’s announcement! (sorry about that). I’m still incredulous, but today I received the first official notification in one of my accounts that the device content exclusion settings will soon be “simplified” by eliminating the possibility of excluding apps traffic. Google is actually removing the possibility of excluding GDN ads from displaying […]

Purna Virji & voice search ready campaigns

I have heard Purna speaking in several web marketing events around Europe and I saw very few speakers competing with her energy and sympathy (not considering her undoubted competence and professionalism). Selected as the most influential PPC expert in the world by Hanapin Marketing (PPC Hero) in their annual ranking, before becoming interested in Pay […]

A recap of AdWords innovations in 2015 last quarter

New trial run & interstitial ads for app install Because one in four apps installed are never used, Google has redesigned their in-app mobile ad formats, and want to improve the app ad experience (original source here: With two new more appealing types of ad formats, Google is trying to grow their suite of […]

Searching for a software development partner for an AdWords API web app

We are looking for a software development partner for a web application to measure the optimization level of AdWords campaigns. The tool has been partially developed (at least in its basic structure). It is quite a complex web app, with very detailed specifications, for whom pure outsourcing has proved to be really functional. That is why […]

AdWords & Television = Second Screen Advertising

Statistics say that the Internet is one of the few advertising channels in which Italian firms investments still increase rather than decrease (source: Nielsen). However, investments in online advertising are currently about 13% of those in television. TV still remains the main medium to invest in for many European companies. Take a deep breath and just go […]