Google Ads EMEA Product Kickoff 3/22/23 announcements

Google Ads EMEA Product Kickoff 3/22/23 announcements

The event to present the new Google Ads products for Europe, Middle East and Asia area has just ended and here I am to recap main innovations just released or planned for the coming months.

After a long introduction on how beautiful and effective Google’s artificial intelligence is (Performance Max campaigns in the lead), here are the most important announcements:

Data measurement

The latest innovations recently made available in GA4 are: “Item Scoped Custom Dimension” (custom dimensions that can be used to save data at single product or specific item level in GA4), Custom Channel Grouping and icons showing data quality and sampling level in summary report widgets. The team announced that by June 2023 Ga4 server-side will have Signals active (and therefore also all the functions related to audience segments) and, upon my specific request, they confirmed that by the second half of 2023 the equivalent of GAds enhanced conversions should be available in GA4.

Is currently in open beta (contact Google Rep for it) a tool for “Conversion Lift” of video campaigns, which shows the indirect impact of these campaigns on conversions tracked in other campaigns.

Next quarter we should als expect to see more data on Marketing Mix Modeling (additional data on reach and frequency), which will also be available in an external self-serve tool.

Performance Max

Google specialists have summarized the latest innovations launched:

  • insights page (explanations on volume/performance changes),
  • search term reports,
  • performance planner (to predict what results can be expected based on budget changes),
  • experiments (unfortunately always aimed at comparing smart shopping and PMax and not at optimizing PMax themselves),
  • account-level brand term exclusions,
  • extra value for new customer acquisition goal,
  • specific recommendations / suggestions for this type of campaign,
  • PMax for Travel Goals (hotel and tourism related vertical)

In the coming weeks, we can expect to have brand exclusion at campaign level, the possibility of using customer lists by conversion value, support for PMax campaigns in Search Ads 360 (the enterprise platform for large advertising investors) and the upgrade within SA360 will be launched soon in beta to convert legacy Smart Shopping and Local campaigns.

Ads on the Search Network

In addition to the advertiser Business Information and logo (also available in desktop SERPs from February), 2 new graphic ad formats are coming (automatically created from images uploaded to responsive ads) and there already is an open beta for automatic titles and descriptions in English text ads. Pre-populated titles and descriptions based on landing pages have been available for a few months now, as well as recommended keywords and budgets, calculated on expected search volumes.

A new metric (now in beta) will arrive in GAds reports: the “Interaction to Next Paint” will express the time necessary for the user to be able to interact with our landing page.

App campaigns

Have been recently released: Deep Link Promotion (and an internal URL validation function), opti-score, engagement increase campaigns and conversion modeling in iOS platform (thanks to Firebase).


A pilot for self-optimized profit margin campaigns will be launched in Q3 2023. There will also be some new metrics available in GAds related to store sales “Authomatic Dynamic Reporting”, average order sales and others (available when integrated with CRM data and in selected markets).

An “auto-feed crawl” will also be released to automatically populate product list simply via an automatic spider or by inserting a tracking pixel on the product pages and a new “Pickup later” feature will be available for campaigns with local inventory (beta open).


The carousel format of search results for accommodation and tickets for tourist attractions (with selected partners in some markets) is already visible for many destinations. The use of this type of SERP will be expanded throughout 2023.


A completely redesigned tool for planning “Video for Action” campaigns will be released, providing predictive data on reach and expected conversions.

Google Marketing Platform 360

Google is planning to soon migrate from the old Search Ads 360 interface to the new (eligible accounts will see it soon), conversions from GA4 have already been added, and native GAds “Enhanced conversions” will be released globally soon. A number of new features integrated into the new interface are about to be released.

New extended brand lift measurement data (awareness about advertised brand) will be available in the display field, both in D&V360 and GAds, and some new metrics related to “Coviewing” and mail notifications on Connected TVs will be released too.

For DV360 will come the ability to manage a single centralized inventory with all placements in the different managed platforms (instead of having to manage them separately) and close complex publishing deals in seconds with “Instant Deals“, instead of waiting weeks for validation and approval.

Final takeaways

There is a lot of meat on the fire, even if it is quite evident that Google is betting a lot on the fact that Performance Max will replace most of the current types of campaigns and is therefore concentrating on their development and on GA4 (which is still far from offering the same level of operativity of Universal Analytics).

Slides and video recordings of the event will be available soon.

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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