Google blocked all ads on their own brand searches in Google Ads

Google blocked all ads on their own brand searches in Google Ads

On August 11, 2020, I noticed a sudden drop in impressions in some Gads campaigns using keyphrases like “Google Ads” or “AdWords” + other words (such as: courses, training etc.).

Initially I thought it was a problem of my own campaigns, but 20 days and several worldwide checks after I noticed that all ads related to these keywords have now disappeared globally (except the ones run by Google itself to notify the brand change from AdWords to Google Ads and to promote their own training resources).

Unless this is an unwanted side effect of some change in ads policies, Google probably decided to block their own brands in the platform at a global level (with no announcements).

To block their brands is of course in their right (as it is for any registered trademark owner), even if no one else can block also the visualization of ads, but I am asking myself why they took so a drastic decision without giving any notice about the reason originating it.

Wasn’t their surveillance over fraudulent accounts enough to avoid scam dangers for advertisers?

And will Google really benefit from preventing searchers from seeing legitimate PPC professional service ads?

I seriously doubt it (considering also that it is including all Google Partners too).

Savvy PPC pros have realized long ago that search network on such competitive terms could be difficult to meet ROI and could even be not necessary, if you know how to set display campaigns effectively.

But… nonetheless, I think that honest & transparent GAds professionals deserve at least an official explanation on this move (or a fix, if this is an error).

Don’t you think so?

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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