Importing GA4 conversions to GAds + Infographic (ver. 3: the revenge)

Importing GA4 conversions to GAds + Infographic (ver. 3: the revenge)

Google has recently announced 2 great news for fans of conversions imported into GAds from GA4:

  • the transition to an attribution model closer to the one used by GAds (from cross-channel non last click to full cross-channel), release expected in the coming weeks;
  • the updating of the attribution windows in GAds (default = 30 days) based on those defined in GA4 (default = 90 days) starting from 1/4/23 (and no, it’s not an April fool 🙂 ).

Both innovations go in the direction of making conversion numbers between the two platforms more similar, increasing the accuracy of tracking (and the number of conversions attributed to GAds) when GA4 is used to import them into GAds.

So keep an eye on numbers in the next 2/3 months and don’t open a bottle if you see a generalized increase in conversions. At most we allow you a Spritz! 🙂

We took the opportunity to update the infographic on conversion tracking in Google Analytics 4 to optimize Google Ads campaigns published in August, where we also corrected some inaccuracies here and there.

I can confirm the down of conversion tracking via Google Analytics (even if GA4 is more accurate than UA, especially if you activate Google Signals): incorrect attribution to other channels, no viewthrought & enhanced conversions and longer latency times (even with UA we were almost in real time). Be careful to use Signals on sites with few visits, because you could irreversibly lose some detailed records in reports with number of sessions under privacy filters.

Here is the link to download infographic in PDF format. Enjoy 🙂

infografica Google Ads - Google Analytics 4

Updated to Version 3 (3/29/23)

The next important step remains the transition to server-side tracking, for which we still have some time, especially after the postponement of the end of cookies era in Chrome to the second half of 2024. But the tracking of Apple devices (and others) has become more imprecise and therefore, having to get your hands on it within a year anyway, it would be useful to think about it right away.

And you? How do you track conversions in your campaigns? Have you already checked differences between server-side, GA4+signals, GAds advanced conversions and UA?

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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