Legal Notes


If you wish to register one or more participants to the event, even with different kind of subscriptions, you may add them to your cart. Once your choice is complete, you may proceed to pay the selected items. A summary page, including the main details of the selected registrations, will then be shown and you will be asked to proceed to the preselected payment gateway. In some countries you might be blocked during the payment. In these cases contact us at info @ and we will suggest how to perform the payment in different ways.

Your order will be considered a contractual proposal addressed to Gianpaolo Lorusso, owner of the brand ADworld Experience. After the payment confirmation (which will be considered acceptance of the order) you will be redirected to your account page, where you will find a PDF with all information to join the event (no tickets have to be shown at the check-in), along with some logistic information about the event. We’ll also send an email confirmation which will contain the link to your account page and to download the file.


Event registrations can be cancelled with no penalties up to two weeks before the date fixed for the event.  In case of late cancellations we reserve for ourselves the faculty to return only partial refunds. We also reserve for ourselves the faculty to apply a 15€ fee for subscription and refund managing.

It is always possible to switch from live to streaming participation, or change the day you will join us, at no extra cost. But please email us you final decision at least one day before the event (we cannot grant real time responses during the event).

In case of Covid positivity, even last minute, you will always have the possibility to postpone your participation to the following edition, to receive a full refund or join online.


In case of online payment malfunction please contact us. You may pay through an alternative online payment gateway or by bank transfer.

All invoices for event registration will be issued & sent by mail within 5 working days after the registration by Gianpaolo Lorusso, via martiri delle foibe 11, 47122, Forlì (FC), Italy, VAT ID nr. IT03455090401, based on the information provided with your order.  Invoices will be then sent to Italy’s e-invoicing system (SDI) within 2 working days after the mail.  Eventual requests for corrections received after this deadline will require the issuing of a credit note to cancel the first invoice and then a new one.  This process might originate a 15€ administrative extra fee.

Prices will be added of 22% Value Added Tax.
According to the European Union VAT Directive, conferences are classified as a service supplied where performed, and therefore the VAT of the country hosting the conference must be charged.
Article 53 and 54 of the VAT Directive states that “cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific, educational, entertainment and similar activities are taxed at the place where those services are physically carried out”.
VAT is therefore charged regardless of the delegate’s home country or tax status. This means that VAT will need to be paid by both non-EU as well as EU citizens.
Certain EU regulations permit VAT paid in member countries to be reclaimed. For further information, please contact your local tax authorities.


The improper or unauthorized use of discount codes may lead to a request for extra payments or cancellation of registration at the unquestionable discretion of the organizers. You can not simultaneously use more than 2 discount codes in a single order, even if the site allows you to do it. In case of violations, we reserve the right to cancel the order or to ask for an extra payment equal to the amount improperly deducted from the total transaction.


All products purchased on this website are subject to applicable laws concerning conformity liability and commercial warranties for consumer products, according to European and Italian regulations, including the above mentioned Codice del Consumo.

Without prejudice to wilful misconduct or gross negligence, we are only liable for any direct and predictable damage during your use of the website or at the moment of closing the purchase agreement. Thus, we shall not be liable for any losses, loss of profits or any other damage which is not an immediate direct consequence of our breach of contract terms or that it could not be predictable at the moment of your use of the website or of the purchase agreement.


When using the website, you are required to protect your username and password and access to your computer, in order to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Therefore, you hereby consent to be liable of all activities performed through your account and password. You hereby consent to inform us immediately in the case you have reason to believe that any third party might know your password, or if your account is being, or might likely going to be, used in an unauthorised manner.

Please ensure the information you provide us is correct and comprehensive and inform us immediately of any changes to the details provided at your registration. We inform you that you will be liable to criminal prosecution for any false or mendacious statements that you provide.

ADworld Experience reserves the right to refuse access to the website, to close an account, to remove or modify the website contents or to cancel any order upon its sole decision, within applicable limits according to the Law. If an order is cancelled, no cost will be charged.


All contents available on the website in the form of texts, graphics, logos, icon buttons, audio files, digital downloads, data and software collection, are the property of Gianpaolo Lorusso and are protected according to Italian Laws and International regulations on copyrights and database rights.

In specific, all products being offered on this website are subject to copyrights and it is not allowed to redistribute them in any form, on any basis, in whole or in part, and by any means without specific written authorisation by ADworld Experience. To request a special dispensation, please write to

You cannot reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or use in any other way and for any personal or commercial purpose, this website or any of its parts without expressed written consent by ADworld Experience.

You cannot make use of any framing techniques to steal any mark, logo or other information that is the property of ADworld Experience and its affiliates without our expressed written consent. You cannot either create and/or publish a database of your property, which includes significant parts (e.g., prices and product listings) of this website without our expressed written consent.


You should not use the website in any way to interrupt, damage or otherwise compromise its functionalities. Any use of the website to perform any illegal activity, or for purposes of harassment or disturb is forbidden.

It is permitted to publish reviews, comments and other contents, to send information and submit suggestions, ideas, comments, questions and other information, provided that their content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, infringing someone’s privacy, intellectual property rights or offending third parties in any way, or that it is not, or it does not contain, virus/malware, political propaganda, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass e-mailing or any other form of spamming.

You cannot use a fake e-mail addresses, pretend to be someone else, use pseudonyms or in any other way provide false or incomplete information about your identity.

ADworld Experience reserves the rights (without any obligation) to remove or modify any content published on the website by the users.

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