Let ADworld Experience 2021 be (along with its program)

Let ADworld Experience 2021 be (along with its program)

We have just published the (almost) final program of ADworld Experience 2021, which will take place, as scheduled, on October 14 and 15, 2021, live in Bologna (Italy) and via live online streaming.

The program is focused, as always, on advanced seminars in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other networks (Tik Tok and Amazon) on the first day (10/14/21) and on real cases of campaigns in all these platforms on the second day (10/15/21).

The big news this year are the Google Ads Clinic and the Facebook Ads Clinic, two sessions dedicated entirely to the live analysis of accounts proposed by the participants and made by the speakers of the day with the participation of some experts from our panel of Jedi Knights of the PPC. DO NOT MISS IT!

Unlike last year, all the speakers will be live in Bologna. Only the physical presence of the 3 American speakers is to be confirmed (they may have problems due to eventual travel restrictions, not foreseen at the moment, which could be imposed by authorities before 14 October).

Here are all the international speakers of the 2021 edition:

  • Frederick Vallaeys (founder and CEO of Optmyzr, one of the World’s most renown automatic optimization tools for ppc campaigns);
  • Susan Wenograd (one of the best known Paid Search & Social specialists in the World);
  • Gianluca Binelli (founder and CEO of Booster Box, included among the top 10 World’s most influential PPC specialists by PPCHero);
  • Sergejs Volvenkins (Senior Export Strategic Planner in “iMarketings”, a Latvian web marketing agency specialized in the promotion of e-commerce projects at a global level);
  • Jordi Damen (founder of the Dutch SEM agency “Leadrs” and Jedi master of GIF Ads);
  • Lars Maat (Dutch specialist, Premier Partner of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and whatever else you can think of in the field of PPC and analytics :-);
  • Arnas Klasauskas (highly experienced PPC specialist, co-founder of Kiss Agency);
  • Justin Seibert (Founder and President of the US based SEM agency “Direct Online Marketing”, Premier Google Partner and long-time speaker on digital advertising);
  • Uros Djunisijevic (Founder of the Serbian SEM agency “eLastic”, with great experience in managing multi-platform lead generation campaigns);
  • Wijnand Meijer (Co-Founder & CEO of “Trueclicks”, a very interesting PPC auditing & monitoring tool);
  • Emanuele Maragno (FB & IG performance marketer with great international experience, who grew up at the court of his height Depesh Mandalia);
  • Micky Mereu (Founder & managing director of the performance advertising agency “Midsummer”, with 12+ years of experience on large brand international accounts such as LEGO, L’Oreal, UGG etc).

In the Italian market sessions there will also be:

  • Valerio Celletti (Google Ads Premier Partner and teacher for Marketers, Sole24Ore, Ninja, Ca ‘Foscari University etc.) & Alessandra Maggio (Head of Operations in “Loop” Agency);
  • Luigi Sciolti (Long-time Google Ads specialist, one of the best PPC professionals we have in Italy);
  • Francesco Agostinis (Co-founder of “Loop” and “Marketers Ads School” + manager of one of the largest Italian Facebook Ads communities), Lorenzo Tombari (Head of Strategy in “Loop”) & Vittorio Zitoli (Project Manager in “Loop”);
  • Giovanni Cappellotto (Founder of M101, co-author of the best-selling Italian book on e-commerce, specialized in Amazon and marketplaces);
  • Fabio Sutto (the Italian prince of Marketing Automation);
  • Alessandro Gargiulo (Facebook Ads specialist, Co-founder of “American Uncle”, specialized in e-commerce campaigns);
  • Lucia Guerra (Digital Marketing Strategist, author of the first Italian book on TikTok Advertising);
  • Alexandru Birleanu (Founder and CMO of Tokio Studio, certified Shopify specialist and Google & Facebook partner, with various award-winning campaigns in different contexts);
  • Andrea Lopez Suarez (Digital Marketing Manager of “Fatture in Cloud”, the largest Italian e-invoicing platform);
  • Massimo Ciotta (CEO and Marketing Automation Specialist of Somake, specialized in performance campaigns);
  • Pietro Mantovani (Digital marketing Manager of Develer, important event organizer in the digital sector);
  • Luca Nitto and Tommaso Verzeletti (Head of Performance and Digital Performance Manager of “Find”, one of the leading Italian digital marketing agencies, founded and directed by Marco Loguercio);
  • Giovanni Di Pucchio (Amazon Team Lead Italy in “Making Science” digital agency)

As usual, we lack for nothing…

Please note that rooms capacity is reduced by 50% to ensure enough spacing for all live participants. So there are very few places left for joining in person in Bologna (and their price will skyrocket very soon!)). Have you already got your ticket? Or are you waiting for Mr ROI to knock on your door and bring you to Bologna in a limo? 😉

Look at how to join ADworld Experience 2021

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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