New Year, New Guide

New Year, New Guide

I wrote the first version of my Free Quick Guide to Google Ads way back in 2012 (it seems impossible, but 10 years have passed!).

The idea behind it has always been not only to give newbies a reasoned synthesis of the most important aspects of the platform (a Google Ads Cheatsheet), but to offer even the most experienced advertisers some opinions on the most effective settings available in GAds well buried here and there in the user interface.

I last updated in 2018 and waited a long time before getting back to work on it both because organizing the event and managing all my clients is an increasingly important challenge and because I was wondering if such a guide could still be a valuable help for someone today, given Google’s continued push on automation.

Then, a few months ago, the infographic I made in 2016 to explain the PPC CheckMate methodology came under my eyes and I saw that it was still quite actual and valid in many parts. I then started updating that and the new version of the Quick Guide came almost naturally after that.

Before Google decides keywords and quality score are no longer needed (which is only a matter of time) you should definitely take a look (if you haven’t already received it via our newsletter).

Download the new version of the Synthetic Guide to Google Ads

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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