PPC Caesars Award 2018

The best case stories voted by participants

Award tributed in memory of Cesarino Morellato, top man and web marketing professional


Dennis Yu

Facebook Ads Best Practices

From segmentation to ad copywriting and campaign structuring. Dennis Yu, Sam Collier and Tanner Laycock showed a whole world of winning strategies to improve FB Ads performance.


Liam Wade

Fashion Retail with a 300%+ Revenue Increase

This case study showcased learnings taken from the industry of Fashion Retail (but easily applicable elsewhere), with a brand grew 300% in revenue for 2 years running.


Anu Adegbola

AdWords automation – Do more, work less

In this talk I went through some automation scripts I have implemented to scale our accounts, get a level of detail Google doesn’t do, or just be able to go home on time.

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