PPC Caesars Award 2019

The best case stories voted by participants

Award tributed in memory of Cesarino Morellato, top man and web marketing professional


Martin Röttgerding

Online & Offline in Location-Based Ads

When you’re advertising an online store, physical stores are usually neglected. In this case study, shoe retailer Zumnorde used location data and local inventory data to customize ads, resulting in more foot traffic and higher conversion rates overall.


Miroslav Varga

Challenging Google’s machine learning

How we got very interesting results creatively using Smart Display Campaigns and some other Google tools.


Brad Geddes

From PPC data to actionable stories

All PPC data is related to each other. As a single piece of data changes, it changes other aspects of your account. With all interconnected data, it’s very difficult to diagnose exactly what is happening within the account. In this session, we’ll cover metric dependencies and influences.
Then we’ll look at how to turn the data into visualizations. Once the data is connected, diagnosing exactly how an account is performing, what’s good, what’s bad, and what needs to be done is quite easy. By the time this session ends, you’ll be able to do this all for yourself in just minutes.

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