Searching for PPC cases for ADworld Experience 2017

We are looking for interesting online advertising case histories for the new edition of ADworld Experience on April 13-14 2017 in Bologna (Italy) or via online live streaming.

Your case study does not need to be a huge success. It only has to be useful to help people understanding how AdWords and other online advertising platforms actually work and how to get the most out of them (as well as to avoid dangerous errors).

You do not need to be famous. There are enough Web Marketing small talks online! ;-) We need numbers and facts, presented by professionals able to explain them in details, not opinions.

You have not to manage big budgets. We are interested in repeatable strategies in one or more business areas.

It should not be exclusively an AdWords case. In the next edition we will accept case histories related to any online mass advertising circuit (Facebook/Instagram, Linkedin, Bing, Twitter, Amazon, RTB and remarketing platforms).

This is your big opportunity to join one of the largest events about AdWords and contextual advertising in Europe (last editions of ADworld Experience gathered more than 600 participants).

Don’t miss it. Drop us a line today at and send us a brief description of your case along with relevant details to evaluate it and a link to your site and/or Linkedin profile.

Of course, all data you share with us (Gianpaolo Lorusso e Francesco Tinti) will remain strictly confidential, unless you agree to speak about them at next ADworld Experience of course ;-).




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