PPC World News Live #20

PPC World News Live #20

The top international news on Pay Per Clic and Conversion Rate Optimization in weeks from January 19 to February 2, 2018, commented in a live video by Gianpaolo Lorusso, the founder of ADworld Experience.

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Links to commented news:

A good argument in favour of automatic placements in Google Display Network

New “Test & Learn” tool in Facebook Ads

New temporary block for remarketing adversisers in Google Ads settings

Why I choosed Miles Beckler for ADworld Experience 2018

New segmented data for audience performances in Bing Ads

New test on automatic extension in AdWords for average delivery and reply times

Is exact match disempowerment happening now in AdWords?

Bing Ads fix to Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari rolled out

CRO test with a reinforcing image near the Call To Action and without

What can startups learn form PPC campaigns in more mature sectors

If there is something unclear or I have said a few bits, please comment below 😉

Ciaoo e…
May the ROI be with you!

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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