Search Network Impression Share is now (almost) in Real Time

Search Network Impression Share is now (almost) in Real Time

No official announcement has been made about it, but today I realized (with pleasure) that Search Network Impression Share data are now available in real time (or better, with a delay comparable with all the other AdWords metrics).

Up to now you cannot see data for the same day, but it was necessary to wait up to 2 days to have them. Data are available at keyword level, while still maintaining the delay of 24/48h for the Google Display Network.
This metric is critical to understand if we are completely covering our potential user target, because it indicates the percentage of times our ads appear compared to the potential times they might appear without budget or CPC limitations. Having it in real time is therefore a great help to understand if our budget suits the keywords we set or not (see the infographic:
Even Bounce Rates imported from Analytics are now almost in real time. Until recently Google’s engineers mentioned a max delay of 9h, but it seems that we are now well below this threshold. This is also very useful, especially in brand new campaigns with small optimization budgets available.
A “Bravo” from the bottom of my hart to the Google Ads development staff.
PS: evening prayer… If Bounce Rates in GDN were available for each placement or targeting option and not only at ad group level, you would see a happy man 😉

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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