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2024 Speakers

We are working to select  who will join us in 2024.

Here you will see the world’s top PPC experts presenting a real case or advanced seminar on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin and Conversion Rate Optimization in the ADworld Experience 2024 edition.


Enrica Campana


PPC expert and digital strategist freelance, she mainly works on Facebook and Google Ads platforms for E-commerce and brands. 5 years of experience, 3 in a digital agency and now working as Google Ads consultant and digital strategist with the most exciting and inspiring teams in the world: Hootsuite-Adespresso and Loop. Travel, Food & Dance lover. Born Italian with a traveller soul.

sante-j-achille (1)

Sante J. Achille

Sante is a Search Marketing Consultant with 28 years of hands-on experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization.
He has been involved in a considerable number of projects over the years, acquiring a general yet in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of website optimization in areas such as content optimisation, website architecture, large website indexing, just to name a few. His experience can be put to use to conceive and design even some of the most advanced SEO strategies based on Natural Language Programming. He is a regular speaker at international SEO events. He also provides SEO Training Services for in-house teams.

Andrea Atzori


With more than 20 years of marketing experience, Andrea’s journey began as a web designer, then transitioned between different roles in London’s fast-paced digital marketing scene, leading major campaigns for clients such as PlayStation and Nissan Infiniti, among others.
Starting in 2011 for AtomicSearch in Australia, he worked with major clients such as Origin and Nike, before becoming general manager of iProspect (part of global advertising giant Dentsu) in 2016.
The birth of Ambire in 2017 is related to Andrea’s desire for a more direct and less bureaucratic approach to digital marketing that can overcome complexity to provide effective solutions that go beyond perceived limitations.
Andrea also writes for Search Engine Journal, where he focuses on the world of PPC.


Antonio Baroni

Peak Ace
Antonio Baroni originally hails from Italy but has lived in Berlin for the past six years. He has been working at Peak Ace, one of Europe’s leading digital marketing agencies, since 2021.
Antonio holds a dual role at Peak Ace, managing both performance strategies and client relationships. With a pragmatic approach, Antonio tailors results-driven strategies across diverse sectors including travel & hospitality, e-commerce and LeadGen.

Felix Beilharz

The web has been the center of Felix’s life for 22 years. Whether as an entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, speaker, conference organizer, university lecturer or author – everything revolves around digital media and their successful application for companies.
During this time I have built 2 of my own online shops and over 100 websites, looked after over 100 customers, written 11 books, held lectures and seminars in 16 countries, built up 100,000 followers and had a few experiences that are now incorporated into my speeches.

Bianca Bergshoeff

Maatwerk Online

After working +6 years in the agency-world, I’ve been able to work for lots of different types of clients. In the last couple of years I’ve mainly be working for ecommerce business that rely on retention. I really love the challenge to let the business/brand connect with their audience and enjoy the path of learning and experimentation with my clients. Besides being a Strategic Consultant, I’m also member of the Social Media committee of the DDMA in the Netherlands. I love sharing experiences and learn from others, that’s also why I can be found on stage!

luca-bove (3)

Luca Bove

Local Strategy
Si occupa di Search marketing dal 2000. Co-Fondatore di Local Strategy. Product Expert, livello Diamond, nella community ufficiale di Google Business Profile.
Prima scheda creata nel 2008. Autore di Libri e Relatore nei più importanti eventi di settore e in numerosi corsi di formazione in aula e workshop in giro per l’Italia.

Federica Brancale


After founding Marketing Freaks and managing data analysys in the Calzedonia group, she moved to Intarget: for which she manages CRO and, more generally, facilitates co-creation processes for numerous multinational clients such as L’Oréal group, Unicef, Cartasì, MTV, Remax, Sofidel, Brunello Cucinelli, Moncler, Ermenegildo Zegna, etc.
Inside Intarget she was in charge of developing the Conversion Rate Optimization area and team managing AB test for companies such as IBS, De’Longhi Group (Braun, De Longhi, Kenwood), Kiko, Pampers, Cocooners etc. through Agile management techniques.
He is also a lecturer for SIDA group , Ninja Marketing, White Nana, Polimoda, IED , WEM Park and in the universities of Barcelona, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Genoa and Calabria. In the past she has taught courses for FIEG group (repubblica, giornali di sicilia etc.), Mondadori, TIM, Vodafone and many others.
She has also published three books “Data driven marketing” (Flaccovio 2018), “Beyond design thinking” (Hoepli 2021) and “CRO&UX Design” (franco Angeli 2022).


Valerio Celletti


Co-founder of Loop, PPC consultant and lecturer at Google Advanced/Marketers, Sole 24 Ore, Ca’Foscari. Admin and founder of Google Advanced


Sveva Coltellacci

Pro Web Consulting

After a degree in mathematics and 10 years in IT, she entered the digital world and after 5 years became Head of Online Advertising in Pro Web Consulting, building the new Business Unit and expanding its business proposition. In recent years she has specialized in the LinkedIn Ads world, which she finds very challenging.


Adriaan Dekker


Adriaan has years of hands-on PPC experience, profitably managing campaigns across 100+ accounts. And since launching his newsletter he’s carefully documented every single minor and major change to the Google Ads platform, making him one of the most recognised and respected voices within the PPC community.


Navah Hopkins

Navah has a passion for innovation, fueled by a hybrid of strategic partnerships, data analysis, and consumer engagement.
She loves connecting people who can mutually benefit each other, leveraging innovation to solve socioeconomic issues, and maintaining bottom line thinking with an ethics driven perspective.
She’s a serial entrepreneur, SEO/SEM philosopher, blogger and content strategist, and a bounty hunter on the biz dev dance-floor.

Igor Ivitskiy

School of Google Ads

PhD in mathematical modeling. Young Scientist of the Year in Ukraine. 17 years of experience and practice in Google Ads. Founder of the most significant Google Ads online school in Ukraine. Author of the “Amazon #1 New Release” book about Google Ads, published in 3 languages. Budgets under the management of $13M/month. Advertising record: generated $1,25M from scratch in 4 days by running Google Search ads worldwide in 16 languages.


Manuel Lodi

Studio Samo

He started his career in digital with SEO Local (which he still carries in his heart). For the past 6 years he changed sides becoming Head of SEA at Studio Samo; together with the legendary girls of Team SEA, he currently manages more than 30 projects for a total annual budget of over 4M€.


Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer Digital
Jon Loomer Digital was born in 2011 with the goal of helping other businesses maximize “social media that makes a difference.” In a little over 17 months, Jon built a profitable, self-branded business around a website that has generated 4 Million page views.
In January of 2013, JonLoomer.com was recognized as one of Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2013. It is simply the most complete online resource of advanced Facebook marketing tips and tutorials, updated on nearly a daily basis.
Andre-Morys-800×800 (1)

André Morys

For over 26 years Andé has been leading konversionsKRAFT, the leading business optimization consultancy in the D-A-CH region, with a team of more than 80 consultants specialized in achieving customers’ digital growth by combining qualitative research, consumer psychology and behavioral economics with data and experimentation.
As a CEO and Founder he is responsible for the continuous improvement of optimization services and the development of our proprietary methodology and framework. He is also a university lecturer, a published author, a public speaker and a certified storyteller for influence.

Alberto Narenti

Site by Site

It was 2012 when Google invited him together with the Top Contributors of the Google community to the “Google Adwords Global Summit in San Francisco.” In the following years, he never stopped and followed some of the most important national and international companies, in hyper competitive sectors such as finance, gaming, fashion and much more. He has participated in several events as a speaker and contributed to the growth of many companies.
Today he is head of ADV and Strategy in Site by Site and leads a team of top professionals while continuing to follow strategy for several clients.

chiara-piras (1)

Chiara Piras

Midsummer Agency

While on Erasmus in Finland, she discovers the world of digital marketing and driven by the lack of sunshine, returns to Sardinia.
She completed her studies and landed at Midsummer Agency, where she discovered her true passions: PPC and data analysis. Currently PPC Manager, she follows multichannel strategies for national and international brands.
Passionate about photography, she spends the rest of the time on the water with her SUP wandering around the southwest coast of Sardinia or watching her favorite TV series.


Ruben Runneboom

Taskforce Agency
Google Ads E-commerce Expert and Co-owner of Taskforce Agency. Over the past decade, he developed his skillset at different leading agencies in the Netherlands to eventually start his performance marketing agency with two other well-known specialists in our field.
He is in charge of innovation and quality assurance within his organization. In doing so, he is involved daily in finding the most inventive solutions to complex issues for their clients with a strong focus on automation and data warehousing.

Sarah Sal

Sarah is a Facebook Ads Specialist with clients such as Hootsuite & AdEspresso. With 7 figures in Facebook ads spent under her belt in 10+ years, she’s run ads for companies like ClickFunnels and Strategyzer. When she started running ads for the latter, they struggled to make $0.40 for each $1 spent on ads, and she moved them to $18 for each $1 spent.
She’s written on Facebook ad testing, strategy, and execution for AdEspresso, Agorapulse, Blitzmetrics, Copyhackers, ActiveCampaign, AdWeek, Jon Loomer’s Power Hitters Club and the likes. And she’s even presented inside Perry Marshall’s iconic 80/20 Facebook ads course.

Giuseppe Scollo


Curious, hyperactive and in love with Web Marketing. I have been involved in online advertising issues for more than 15 years. I started with Adwords back in 2005 and have been fascinated ever since. I continue to update myself in a world that is constantly and perpetually evolving. I would like to help companies better understand the opportunities that the web offers today with the aim of increasing their business.
Since October 2017, I decided to become a freelancer and I mainly work on PPC campaigns (Google & Meta Ads) and Digital Strategies.


Amy Stamper


Amy is the Head of Paid Social at Impression, and has been navigating the murky waters of Paid Social since the early days of the discipline (2015). Amy is passionate about all areas of social – but is particularly interested in creative innovation & measurement.


Massimo Vichi


Lavora nel Web dal 1998 e oggi si occupa di consulenza e formazione digitale per aziende e professionisti. Negli ultimi anni si è specializzato nelle attività di Lead Generation, utilizzando i Social Media, l’advertising online e il content marketing. Da almeno 5 anni, si occupa in particolare di Linkedin, partecipando agli eventi del settore con interventi e formazione sulle strategie per sfruttarlo al meglio.

Round Table of PPC Jedi Knight Experts


Hana Kobzova


Laars Maat


Nils Rooijmans

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Ionut Munteanu

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