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Honest Metrics is one of the most advanced and effective automated click fraud protection tool, helping you to protect your Google Ads budget by avoiding  and instantly blocking click fraud activity. At the core of the tool there are machine learning based algorithms that take into account 100+ different factors to produce a “human score” in real time for your incoming traffic.

Producthero is one of the largest Premium CSS partners in Europe. They get you 20% discount on the Shopping CPC in Google Ads, and offer revolutionary technology to optimize your product content (available for free to their CSS-advertisers!)

Adference’s innovative PPC solution for Amazon Advertising and Google Ads empowers advertisers to automatically create granular campaigns and to place the right bids for millions of products and keywords. Auto-optimize Amazon and Google accounts by using scientifically developed machine learning algorithms to bring a complex set of factors together in an ideal campaign setup.

AI first digital marketing agency that offers Web Marketing services with the addition of Artificial Intelligence. We help medium to large companies to successfully reach their goals of brand awareness, lead generation, online sales through SEO & SEM on Google and Amazon, Web Analytics, and Social Media Marketing.

Stravideo is a video broadcast agency which offers scalable and fully customizable video productions, cloud services, webinars & live events recordings with any type of technology.

Inbound marketing agency specialized in digital services for businesses (web marketing, e-commerce etc.). It accompanies companies in the digital transformation process by carrying out and following all technological and web marketing processes.