Expanded Text Ads (ETA) are here

Expanded Text Ads (ETA) are here

Google officially confirmed the global launch of new expanded format for AdWords text ads (ETA) and specified that the original format will definitely sunset on October 26.
Text ads will then switch from the current 25 characters title + 2 lines of 35 characters each to 2 headlines of 30 characters each + 80 letters of descriptive text. The new ads will appear as the following example:
Actually the visual effect in SERPs will not be so different from what we already see quite frequently as a result of the mix of title + the first line of text (that you can push by adding a full stop at the end of the line) or display URLs and all other available text extensions.
From the configuration point of view, instead, it is a completely new world and we all will need time to get used to it. But… no panic! If you still have not had the opportunity to try ETA in your account you can do it via API or www.karooya.com/expanded-text-ad-preview-tool.
The first tests with real accounts data show a generalized increase in CTR, albeit with large differences between business sectors and even for different products/services in the same account. Moreover we should not forget the influence of the fact that not all accounts have ETA active yet, and so numbers could now overrate the effectiveness of the new format. Nevertheless it will still be important to start using them as soon as it is possible, in order to gain an advantage over other advertisers. You can find some more details on how to configure them below.


2 headlines of 30 characters each (clic to enlarge)


80 characters description text (clic to enlarge)

2 URL paths of 15 characters each (clic to enlarge)

Source: James Svoboda SMX advanced Seattle
But Expanded Text Ads were just one of several important new features announced by Google at the Global Performance Summit last May. Among other things there were:

  • the return to bid adjustment for desktop, mobile and tablet (not yet available globally);
  • new local ad formats (promoted pins have already made their appearance in maps and SERP in the US), accompanied by a machine learning algorithm to track in-store visits (with precision increasing with larger traffic data);
  • full responsive automatic ad generator and an expansion of the Google Dispaly Network with new “cross-exchange” placements (probably coming from Real Time Bidding too) and the possibility of using similar audiences and demographic targeting within the search network too;
  • a version of Google Data Studio with 5 free reports (by now available in US only) and some new funcionalities  integrated between AdWords and Analytics;
  • a complete redesign of AdWorda user interface (with an automatic & global update, no manual o migration process), with still no release data. But in my opinion if we do not see it before Christmas shopping season, it will be very likely released later in 2017.

Can you see the new ads in your account? Let us know your first impressions and CTR data.
UPDATE: while we were editing this post Google officially announced the global release of ETA, the possibility to bid separately for tablets and the responsivity of automatically generated ads & GDN enlargement.

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