Adwexp17 final program

Adwexp17 final program

ADworld Experience 2017 is in its final rush and the program is now fully defined. In the coming days we will only publish the agenda of the two days with the detailed descriptions of all speeches.
Here is the complete recap of 4/13 advanced seminars:

  • International Campaigns
    Ted Kozlowski (one of the first 10 AdWords beta testers in the world) >Measuring the Effectiveness of Remarketing for eCommerce using the AdRoll Platform, Send Roll & Ping Roll;
    Markéta Kabátová (one of the most brilliant PPC specialists in Czech Republic) > Optimization of international campaigns – how to manage the quality across the languages and find opportunities;
    There will also be 2 Italian sessions held by Marco Biagiotti (Official Italian AdWords community top contributor) and Marco Volpe.
  • Ecommerce e marketplaces (Amazon)
    Tara Johnson (CPC Strategy) >Amazon Advertising: Sponsored Products & Refined Product Targeting To Increase Your Conversion Rate;
    There will also be other 3 Italian sessions held by Giovanni Cappellotto (Italian best selling author), Francesco Chiappini (Ecommerce School), Michele Giliberti (Amazon Italy).
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
    John Ekman (creator of the largest CRO event in the world) > Psychology + Data + Experiments = One Killer Combo;
    Karl Gilis (3rd most influential CRO expert in the world according to PPCHero ranking 2016) > How to transform a clicker in a customer;
    David Walker (Segmatic) > Testing strategies for paid search;
    There will also be a live CRO lab by the Italian specialist Rossella Cenini (Boraso).
  • PPC Tools
    Samantha Noble (UK Search Personality of 2016) > PPC power tools and how you can use them;
    Jeff Sauer (Jeffalytics) > Analytics tools & strategies in measurement and planning for paid media campaigns;
    Wijnand Meijer  (iProspect) > A new way to search and select your best tools for PPC & CRO;
    There will also be other 2 sessions held by Michele Gallo (Whoop) and Riccardo Rodella (Performance Based).
  • Facebook  & Linkedin Ads (Italian language sessions only)
    By Massimo Chieruzzi (CEO of AdEspresso, recentrly acquired by Hootsuite), Michael Vittori, Fabio Sutto, Leonardo Bellini and Andrea Boscaro.

Here is the recap of real PPC & CRO case histories exposed on 4/14:

  • International Session
    Search term-based strategies for Google Shopping (David Walker);
    A guide to Doubleclick survival & optimization (Kristina Baus);
    AdWords for lazy guys (Till Mueller);
    Review your Ads (Markéta Kabátová);
    Using paid media to fuel a product launch (Jeff Sauer);
    Getting started with voice search (Purna Virji);
    Landing Pages & First Dates (Karl Gilis);
    Measuring the brand lift of targeted You Tube campaigns (Ted Kozlowski);
    Smart attribution is possible, if you know how to do it (Russell McAthy);
    A/B-testing: Better results faster (John Ekman);
    2 real Amazon Sponsored Products cases (Tara Johnson).
  • Italian Session
    AdWords per l’e-commerce nella moda (Alessandro Frangioni);
    Reporting avanzato con advertising multipiattaforma (Marco Biagiotti);
    Data Feed Management e Google Shopping (Andrea Lombardi);
    Vendere auto con gli annunci dinamici di ricerca (Jacob Zucchi);
    AdWords automation per l’ecommerce (Riccardo Rodella);
    Facebook Ads Master (Massimo Chieruzzi);
    Micro Targeting in AdWords (Gianluca Binelli);
    Campagne PPC integrate: il caso Infinity (Roberta Sanzani);
    Raddoppiare il fatturato riconfigurando le campagne shopping (Luigi Sciolti);
    Campagne BtoB Internazionali (Isabella Federico);
    Cosa ha fatto e cosa potrebbe fare Pricebox su Facebook (Andrea Boscaro).

Are you sure you can afford to miss this event?
Only few hours left for discounted tickets!

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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