Karl Gilis & Els Aerts Private CRO Reviews

Karl Gilis & Els Aerts Private CRO Reviews

It has been a very long negotiation with Karl Gilis to have him at ADworld experience. It started last year before 2016 edition, but he could not join us because he had already booked a holiday in Africa! (damn it ;-).

I did notice him a long time ago in the European CRO professionals scenario and I became sure I had to have him in Bologna after his performance on the stage of the Conversion Jam conference in Stockholm last September. He was really surprising for dynamism, sympathy, professionalism and competence, joined to a lay back and open minded attitude (which I always admire when I found it in really renowned web professionals).

I had to cover him with money to come to adwexp (although he continues insisting that it will be me to be covered with money thanks to all participants joining for him), but in the end I managed to convince him. And He himself proposed me some private CRO review sessions of 30 minutes, with his associate Els Aerts, reserved to ADworld Experience’s participants.

Want to know how you can improve your website or landing page?
This is your chance to get instant feedback from 2 of the most respected usability and Conversion Rate Optimization international experts (according to PPC Hero Karl is the #3 most influential CRO specialist in the world!).
Karl and his business partner Els love to help you to make your web pages better.
Make sure you take notes. Even better: just record their feedback. Nobody can write down all the tips and suggestions they can give during 30 minutes.

Book your private session here: https://cro-reviews-adwexp17.eventbrite.ie (slots limited & price increasing)

On 4/13 Karl & Els will held an advanced seminar on “how to turn that ad clicker into a customer”
Karl and Els will give you hands-on tips to turn every web page into a conversion machine. On any device.
They will analyze every element of a typical landing page (header, photo, design, text, call-to-action, usp’s, …). And they will show you the do’s and don’t, not based on gut feeling or opinions, but real-life examples.
What’s unique about this masterclass is that you’ll get insights in the data and tools Karl and Els use to identify the problems. And how they came up with the ideas that improved the conversion rates of those landing pages.
During this masterclass, you don’t only get the tips but also the knowledge and confidence to improve your landing pages. Or those of your clients.

On 4/14 Karl will show his case story: “The dating principle”
There are many parallels between how you should treat your landing page and your first date. At least: if you want either of them to end in a successful relationship.
And I’m guessing you (or your clients) want that relationship. The click on the ad is not enough. You want to turn that ad clicker into a customer.
Built around 10 universal but often forgotten conversion principles, Karl gives more than 20 examples of AB-tests that illustrate how you can sell more and convince your visitors using these principles. And yes, you can use these tips for dating too.
But be aware: Karl is a user research and conversion specialist. Not a dating expert 😉

Join ADworld Experience (tickets are limited and price will go up as free places go down)


Gianpaolo Lorusso
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