PPC World News Live #130

PPC World News Live #130

The top 10 international Pay Per Click Industry News from November 26 to December 10, 2021, commented live by Gianpaolo Lorusso, the founder of ADworld Experience.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 When and how RSA outperform ETA
A brand new study on more than 4300 Optmyzr accounts reveals some very interesting aggregate data on Responsive Search Ads performance

#2 Interest vs demographic targeting in Facebook Ads
Facebook shared data evidencing how too narrowed interest based audencies might be less effective than broader demographic targeting

#3 Image extensions made their way to desktop in Google SERP
Google announced that these extensions will be showed also in desktop searches (no action to be taken for it)

#4 5 tips to retarget iOS users in Facebook Ads
Darko Dodig shared some interesting suggestions on how to work-around iOS tracking issues in FBAds

#5 BF & CM data from Microsoft
Microsoft shared interesting & updated search data on November 2021 shopping peak

#6 Interesting findings on BF & CM in Google, FB & Amazon Ads
Andy Taylor shared data from Tinuiti on 2021 Cyber Five

#7 When display expansion might be worth it
Crystal Hopkins by Seer Interactive suggests when it could be useful to test display expansion in search campaigns (& when to avoid it 😉

#8 Google redesigned draft > experiment funnel
Google is testing a new way to launch experiments without creating campaign drafts before

#9 Google Merchant Center showing new competiton metris (for US market)
Several advertisers around the globe spotted new metrics shared in GMC (by now for the US market)

#10 FB Ads lead gend form new tools & best practices
Sean Johnston shared some interesting tips on how to set and optimize lead gen forms in Facebook Ads (using the also as a good way to avoid loosing data due to iOS privacy updates)

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May the ROI be with you! 😉

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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