The program of ADworld Experience 2018

The program of ADworld Experience 2018

The program of the next ADworld Experience is now online. As previously announced it is scheduled for April 12 and 13, 2018, in Bologna (or via live streaming).
In the first day (4/12) we plan to have 5 parallel advanced daylong seminars on AdWords, Facebook Ads, Other Networks (LinkedIN Ads & Quora), PPC Tools and Conversion Rate Optimization. The second day (4/13) will be reserved for real PPC campaigns & CRO case histories (with a session for the international market and one for the Italian market).
On 4/12 the 5 parallel seminars will be made up of in-depth (1.5 hours or 45 mins) training sessions, while on 4/13 the PPC & CRO cases will be exposed for 20 minutes + 10 minutes of Q&A each. On both days you could be moving at will from one session to another and the main advanced seminars + all success stories will be live streamed online.
This year we will welcome back Frederick Vallaeys, creator of Optmyzr (one of the most widespread AdWords optimization tools in the world), who will moderate the international cases session (while Fabio Sutto, of Performance Based, will hold the Italian room).
Among the 30 international speakers alternating on the stage there will be:

  • Andrew Lolk (founder of SavvyRevenue – shopping campaigns advanced seminar & case story);
  • AJ Wilcox (advanced seminar on LinkedIN ads & case story);
  • Miles Beckler (lead gen with Facebook Ads seminar + case story);
  • Pauline Jakober (Search Engine Marketing Land & SEJ columnist – B2B lead gen case story);
  • Duane Brown (Quora Ads platform seminar & case story);
  • Ned Poulter (Facebook Ads seminar & case story);
  • Tim Stewart (CRO & analytics seminar + case story);
  • Edgar Špongolts (Peep Laja’s ConversionXL specialist – CRO advanced seminar & case story);
  • Liam Wade (e-commerce PPC advanced seminar + case story);
  • JD Prater (among the 25 most influential PPC Professional in the world in 2017 – PPC tools advanced seminar);
  • Florian Nottorf & Christian Borck (Adference co-founders – PPC optimization advanced seminar);
  • Anu Adegbola (advanced Excel seminar + case story);
  • Tomasz Sasiadek (award winning Bluerank client service director – case story on travel industry campaigns).

Among the Italian speakers we will have: Massimo Chieruzzi (AdEspresso’s CEO), Luca La Mesa (Singularity University Italy), Micky Mereu (international PPC professional), Veronica Gentili (blogger and Social Media freelance), Alessandro Martin (CRO at Reprise Media), Cassandra Menga (Uptimization, specialized in financial leads), Rosario Toscano & Angela Venturin (Moca Interactive), Giuliano Trenti (Neurexplora’s CEO, neuromarketing specialist), Daniele Crescenzo & Luca Luzzani (SiComunicaWeb), Luisa Fontana (freelance PPC professional), Emanuele Chiericato (Conversion Driven), Francesco Chiappini (Ecommerce School), Gabriele Benedetti (Search On Media Group), Alessandro Frangioni (Riot Design), Marco Frighetto (Booster Box), Simone Freddi (, Alfonso Mariniello (Adform).
Have a look at the detailed program. There are still few details & speakers missing, but it is for sure a top selection of professionals I came to choose by personally going around in 2017 for all the most important European web marketing events. I can certify they represent the best paid advertising panorama (and not only that) can offer worldwide.
If you are interested in joining in, do not wait for it and subscribe now, because registration prices automatically grow as the number of participants increases.
See you in Bologna and may the ROI be with you! 😉

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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