Top PPC News from April 12 to 19, 2024

Top PPC News from April 12 to 19, 2024

The top 10 international Pay Per Click Industry News from April 12 to 19, 2024, commented live by Gianpaolo Lorusso, the founder of ADworld Experience.

In the video (in Italian) contents are exposed starting from the last one (as in any honorable top ten ;-))

1) Temu goes wild on Meta Ads
Mike Ryan and Mike Mallazzo report that Temu launched more than 8,000 campaigns in less than a week. What to say…

2) Research remains one of the main tools in the PPC industry
Danny Goodwin (SEL) comments on the data from the latest IAB INTERNET Advertising Revenue Report in which search continues to grow (at least in value)

3) AI Image generation tools in Demand Gen
Google has officially released a new AI driven integration to generate images in DGen campaigns

4) Meta Ads further raises the maximum daily spending limit
Bram Van der Hallen reports that the platform can now spend up to 75% more than the daily limit (always respecting the weekly spending limit)

5) What you need to know about the latest innovations in GAds
Michelle Morgan gives a thoughtful recap of the latest news at Google (and not just in PMax)

6) Advanced conversions also released in Microsoft
Hana Kobzova was among the first to find the novelty in some of her accounts

7) Mini-guide to YouTube Shorts Ads
Google has released a site dedicated to tips for maximizing the effectiveness of shorts ads

8) GAds ad carousel layout lands in Europe
Various specialists, including Thomas Eccel, have intercepted the new layout of “card” ads in Europe too

9) New library of free GAds scripts
Holger Schulz has published a free collection of scripts with explanation videos and facilitated setting (via Martin Roettgerding)

10) Google Ads releases integration with BigQuery
Balazs Vajna noted that a direct integration between GAds and BigQuery has been released for the first time (still quite limited to be honest)


This is why you should never sell your GAds account (Krzysztof Bycina)

Meta releases Llama 3 AI engine (Michael Vittori and Georgi Zayakov)

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May the ROI be with you! And… more peace for everyone 😉

PS: Please comment if you think I missed something important (I’ll consider it next week)!

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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