All ADworld Experience 2014 videos now available

All ADworld Experience 2014 videos now available

We published in our shop all videos from 2014 edition of ADworld Experience, which was held on 30/4 in Bologna (and was followed by nearly 200 participants live or linked from all over the world).
As in previous editions, almost all pitches concern real optimization case stories of AdWords campaigns and are followed by a panel discussion in which we talked mainly of the signals identifying a well optimized AdWords account.
In this edition, you will see :

  • Dynamic Remarketing (Rossella Cenini) the most voted case and winner of ADW SEM Adwords 2014
    In this video one of the top contributors of the Italian official AdWords Community explains how to optimize a dynamic remarketing campaign to show users directly in the banner products more in line with their interests. This case is essential for anyone who wants to increase the conversion rates of an e-commerce site.
  • Luxury international targeting (Alessandro Agostini) 2nd most voted case by participants
    A complete video case story of an AdWords campaign targeted to businessmen in the field of international luxury travel services (supercar rentals). Targeting strategies, keywords selection, georeferentiation, hour & time of the day, etc.
  • AdWords scripts (Francesco Tinti) 3rd most voted case of the day
    How to manage and optimize AdWords campaigns (almost) automatically with scripts. The advice and some really useful examples by Francesco Tinti, one of the most influential AdWords professionals in Italy.
  • AdWords in Europe (Alexandra Tachalova)
    Development trends of the AdWords market in Europe and the budget strategies of some big spenders in UK, FR, DE and IT collected by SEMRush, one of the most widespread SEO/SEM competitive analysis tools in the world.
  • APP promotion in AdWords (Angela Venturin)
    An optimization case study of an AdWords campaign for the promotion of an application tied to a chain of retail stores: best practices, errors to avoid, budget allocation and results obtained.
  • AdWords for Mobile (Stefano Pelati)
    An optimization case study of an AdWords campaign for the promotion of an application tied to a chain of retail stores: best practices, errors to avoid, budget allocation and results obtained.
  • Man Vs Tool: when and how to automate campaigns for e-commerce (Riccardo Manfrinato)
    What you need to automate in the management of an AdWords campaign for a site of complex e-commerce and how to leverage the API and scripting for easily control the account.
  • Small businesses optimizations (Brad Geddes)
    Some cases of optimizing AdWords campaigns for small and medium businesses presented by AdWords guru, Brad Geddes. Geotargeting, best hours of the day to advertise, types of correspondences and the best way to structure a campaign for an e-commerce site.
  • Remarketing out of AdWords (Fabio Sutto)
    A comparison between features and performances of various remarketing campaigns done in AdWords and in other alternative platforms such as Criteo, ADroll, Perfect Audience, etc.
  • PPC on Yandex (Markiyan Yurynets)
    Main settings and optimizations both for search and display campaigns in Yandex Direkt, the engine leader of the Russian search market.
  • BtoB Tips & Tricks (Alberto Narenti)
    All the best practices to optimize business to business AdWords campaigns in the industrial field with multinational targeting.
  • Restructuring lead generation (Christopher Panetta)
    An AdWords account upgrade for lead generation linked to the promotion of a complex CRM software on a multinational level. Analisys of the situation, targeting refining choices and results obtained.


Video preview of all cases presented

In addition to the single cases videos there is also a complete recording of the final round table attended by many of the speakers and some others AdWords specialists + a group of Google consultants attending at the event.
Find all videos on

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