Who are your favorite World’s PPC Pros?

Who are your favorite World’s PPC Pros?

As every year, Hanapin Marketing draws up a ranking of the World’s most influential online advertising specialists. This list has always been made up almost entirely of American Professionals.

Not that I have nothing against US PPC Pros. On the contrary. I think USA is for sure the best market in the World to experiment and push to the limits all Pay Per Click platforms running in western countries.

But I think that time has come for a lot of high level professionals from the rest of the World to show up.

My engagement in ADworld Experience gave me the perfect point of view to know that there are a lot of EU specialists that have nothing to envy to stars and striped colleagues, and, sometimes, thanks to more limited contexts, they managed to develop even more sophisticated strategies to effectively engage thin audiences.

Of course I will not suggest any name. It would not be fair. But if you work in the PPC industry you certainly know at least some of them.

You can choose up to two Pros. Here is the link to vote (before 4/28/20): https://www.ppchero.com/nominate-the-paid-media-experts-who-have-been-influential-in-your-career/

May the best PPC pro be with you! 😉

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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