Why JD Prater

Why JD Prater

JD has been one of the best speakers of ADworld Experience 2016, with a case story showing Pinterest Ads best practices. Since then I have been following his career in Hanapin Marketing, in AdStage and among the World’s 25 most influential PPC professionals ranking.
It is therefore a real pleasure to have it again with us and here is how he presented himself.
I’m the Director of Growth Marketing at AdStage. In my role, I craft marketing strategies and campaigns that drive acquisition, retention, and engagement across the customer lifecycle. Voted among the top 25 most influential PPC experts in 2017, I regularly contribute to top marketing industry publications, speak at digital marketing conferences, and co-host the weekly PPC Show podcast.
AdStage is the leading closed-loop reporting and automation platform for paid marketers. From paid search and web analytics, to social media and emerging new tech, we’re connecting paid marketers to the data they need to analyze performance, build reports, and optimize campaigns with automation.
At ADworld Experience JD will be talking of PPC Tools. The right ones can save your team time and help you make more money for your business or clients. Among hundreds of new PPC tools, he has hand-picked the best ones to optimize your workflow for max output.
He will open up and share his PPC toolbox so that you can get the work done in half the time, avoid tedious tasks, and impress those around you with great reports coming almost effortless.
When asked about the most important trends in 2018 for PPC sector JD answered that ROI and proving business impact from paid marketing campaign are the next big things. Revenue is the language that management speaks, and revenue marketing is getting marketers a seat at the table and working synergistically with their sales counterparts. Marketers will have to demonstrate direct revenue results and a realistic ROI predictions moving forward by closing the loop.
JD stays up-to-date with the latest news and trends thanks to Marketing Land, AdExchanger, eMarketer, PPCHero, ad network blogs, Growth Marketing Conference and Digiday. There are too many people I’m influenced by to name all of them and I know I’m going to miss some, so I’d start with the Top 25 PPC Experts list and speaker’s list for ADworld Experience.
2017 was a year of a lot of change. I moved to San Francisco, started a new job, bought a house, bought a new car, and won the California state championship in cyclocross. What a year! In 2018, I’m working on slowing down so I can focus on marketing strategy and the growth levers that are going to move AdStage forward. Here’s to a successful 2018!
JD will hold a 45 minutes advanced seminar on 4/12 about PPC Tools and will join us listening the cases on 4/13 among the experts’ panel.
Look at the program of ADworld Experience 2018 to see all details.

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