Why Miles Beckler

Why Miles Beckler

Miles Beckler was reported to me by Jeff Sauer, a $ 6 million web entrepreneur as well as a speaker at ADworld Experience in 2017, who attended one of his speeches at a digital event in Maui (Hawaii). Jeff was impressed not only by Miles’ ability to promote projects through sponsored campaigns in Facebook, but also by his generosity (and ability) to transmit the exact knowledge acquired.
The first contacts via email I had with him immediately confirmed that he is a great person and an excellent professional. But let’s see how he presented himself.
I am an entrepreneur and digital marketer with multiple niche authority sites. I’ve been making money online since 2003 and full time online since 2010. My wife and I create and sell audio meditations and spiritual development courses through our longest running website. I run the conversion optimization and Facebook PPC side of that business. I am also teaching the ‘how to’ of internet marketing and digital entrepreneurship from my YouTube channel and blog.
Beyond the meditation business, I am passionate about sharing the exact marketing techniques and tactics that my wife and I are using to grow our niche businesses for free through my blog: https://www.milesbeckler.com.
The internet marketing space is filled with fake gurus, sales pitches, and overpriced information products. My approach is to give all the “how to” information away for free since my wife and I have a successful business that generates the cash flow we need to live our lives comfortably. My goal is to disrupt the over-hyped and over-priced information product model while helping thousands of entrepreneurs and digital marketers create successful lifestyle businesses.
At ADworld Experience I will be sharing my exact process for creating high ROI advertising campaigns on Facebook while minimizing risk and keeping your ad budgets small. This will be a comprehensive training session that will cover everything from the campaign types, ad set targeting, split testing and ad creative… I will show exactly what I am doing now and what I have learned from investing over $100,000 of my own personal money to generate hundreds of thousands of leads from Facebook with paid ads.
In particular, I will show:

  1. How to leverage Facebook’s big data and machine learning systems to force Facebook to give you their best quality traffic with the highest likelihood to convert.
  2. The #1 trick to minimizing risk in your Facebook ad campaigns while maximizing return on your ad spend.
  3. A fool-proof method for analyzing Facebook’s data so you know when to kill and when to scale your campaign.

Every day there are more advertisers flocking to the Facebook advertising platform than ever before. There is a significant “buzz” in the digital marketing and corporate marketing world about the power and value of Facebook advertising.
This means that demand for Facebook’s ad product will continue to increase and the associated CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) will continue to increase for advertisers. You will learn two specific ways you can combat this trend to keep your Facebook ads profitable in 2018 and beyond!
What are your key reference points in your business?
As few as possible, to be honest. My time, focus and attention are my most valuable assets, and eliminating distractions is a daily battle! Most of the courses, bloggers and ‘influencers’ in the internet marketing space are hyping the next ‘ninja tactic’ because they are trying to sell an overpriced information that will distract me from the core of my business.
I do study the great copywriters and direct response marketers from the pre-internet era like John Caples, Eugene Schwartz, Victor Schuab, etc. Although the media in which we advertise has changed drastically in the last 50 years, human nature has not. I learn more from doing the work and continuing to run new tests.
Plans for 2018?
2017 was an absolute breakthrough year for my business. My wife and I broke records in traffic volume, number of new leads, new customers, gross revenue and profit. My plans for 2018 are to further optimize my core offerings for increased conversions while continuing to invest time, energy and money into the traffic sources that helped make 2017 such a success. Staying focused on the fundamental key activities that have grown our business and continuing to eliminate distractions is key.
Miles will hold a 1.5h advanced seminar about Facebook Ads on 4/12 and will show a PPC case on 4/13.
See adwexp18 program.

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