Why Pauline Jakober

Why Pauline Jakober

I noticed Paulina’s posts long time ago on Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal and when she posted a listing of the best training materials about PPC on her company’s blog (omitting ADworld Experience! 😉 I decided to contact her, inviting to have a look to adwexp online shop with all the videos from previous editions. One thing lead to another and she finally accepted to come in person to Bologna to speak at adwexp18!
Here is how she presented herself.
I’m founder and PPC account director at Group Twenty Seven. My focus is staying up to date with the latest changes and developments in the paid search industry. I keep my clients informed of industry changes and work with my team to see how we can use those changes to continuously improve client account results.
I’m a regular contributor to Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal. I sometimes speak at industry events, such as SMX (Search Marketing Expo). I’m also a co-founder of SEMNE, a professional organization for online marketers.
Group Twenty Seven is a boutique paid search advertising agency that focuses on Google AdWords and Bing Ads management.
The title of my talk at at ADworld Experience 2018 is: How we took a B2B PPC account from boring to brilliant.
Many PPC pros think B2B PPC account management is static and boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I will describe how we took one long-time B2B client into new and exciting directions — and attained impressive results.
We tested some approaches that are more typical of “exciting” industries, such as travel, and found they worked just as brilliantly for our B2B client.
Basic optimizations, which may be simple or small, can have a big impact! Before you get fancy with optimization, you have to get the basics right.
Just because something didn’t work the first time you tested it doesn’t mean you should give up on it. There’s tremendous value in re-testing!
What trends will emerge in 2018?
I expect that 2018 will bring a continued focus on audience management, account optimization with demographic data, ad targeting and ECPC. My team and I will continue to follow these trends and integrate them into our PPC programs as appropriate.
What websites and people influence you on a day to day basis?
I follow industry experts like Brad Geddes, Lisa Raehsler and Melissa Mackey on Twitter. I’m a regular consumer of Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.
How was your 2017? Plans for 2018?
Last year was amazing for Group Twenty Seven! I’m deeply grateful to my loyal clients and hard working team. In 2018, I’ll be looking at how we structure our activities so that we can continue to grow our client base while maintaining our high level of service and excellent results.
For ADworld Experience Pauline will discuss a Pay Per Click BtoB case story on April 13. Have a look at the full program of the event.

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