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Here are ADworld Experience 2016 videos

Here are ADworld Experience 2016 videos

We published some days ago all latest videos of adwexp16 in our online shop.
There you will find approximately 18 hours of high quality videos + PDF slides with complete recordings of 2 advanced seminars and 10 PPC optimization cases presented by the international speakers during ADworld Experience on 14 and 15 April in Bologna (Italy).
Here is the full list:
Advanced Seminars

  • AdWords automation (Frederick Vallaeys)
    6 hours of advanced video-seminar on PPC automation held by former Google AdWords evangelist and creator of Optmyzr (one of the most widely used AdWords tools in the world).
  • Persuasion + CRO (Ton Wesseling & Bart Schutz)
    4h advanced video-seminar on the psychology of persuasion and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) held by two Dutch experts, among the best known European CROs.

Internazional PPC success cases (30 minutes each.)

  • How to use shopping peaks properly – Kristina Baus(Performics UK)
    How to set a coherent strategy for cyber weekends and other interesting search & shop periods.
  • Restructuring shopping campaigns – Helena Clark(Periscopix)
    How we halved client’s brand CPC by restructuring its shopping campaigns.
  • Bing Ads & the future of Search – Florian Bouchaud(Microsoft)
    Insights about shopping and other main trends in Search Marketing field.
  • From worst to first in highly competitive markets – Matt Umbro (Hanapin Marketing)
    Despite high costs, setting realistic expectations and a complete strategy you can still succeed and achieve success. Here is the complete methodology to do it.
  • Developing AdWords automation with scripts – Frederick Vallaeys (Optmyzr)
    Which scripts are really vital to save time and improve performance, and how to implement and control them. 3rd MOST VOTED CASE BY PARTICIPANTS.
  • Ad Customizers in action – Martin Röttgerding(Bloofusion)
    From mass customization to localized ads, from nice little tricks to complex solutions: learn what ad customizers can do for your campaigns. 2nd MOST VOTED CASE BY PARTICIPANTS.
  • E-commerce CRO – Viljo Vabrit (ConversionXL)
    Where to start and what to test to improve your conversions? 3 real cases to know how to use insights from conversion research to boost e-commerce revenue.
  • Using Psychology to optimize your (landing) pages – Bart Schutz (Online Dialogue)
    Discover how the knowledge of human Psychology will really help to grow your Conversions. 1st MOST VOTED CASE BY PARTICIPANTS.
  • Search Remarketing advanced – Rob Beirne & Zoran Selinger (Wolfgang Digital)
    How to use effectively AdWords search remarketing functionalities with lists from Analytics to multiply your conversion rate by 4.
  • Using Ad Testing to structure an account – Brad Geddes(adAlysis)
    How to use ad tests to determine how granular your campaign settings and ad groups should be before you start building the account.
  • Pinterest Ads & e-commerce – JD Prater (Hanapin Marketing)
    How an e-commerce company increased Pinterest revenue by 1042% with promoted pins.
  • Final panel discussion & ADWEXP SEM Award 2016 prizegiving.

May ROI be with you 😉

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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