ADworld Experience 2020 may begin

ADworld Experience 2020 may begin

After the fibrillations caused by the last Italian anti-covid19 regulation issued on Tuesday we are finally ready to welcome all the participants of ADworld Experience, tomorrow and the day after (October 15th and 16th) in Bologna (Italy) or via live online streaming.

This latest restrictions introduced on private parties prompted us to cancel the Networking Party scheduled for the 15th night. After all, networking while everyone is sitting at least 1 meter away or wearing a mask would have been probably over human possibilities 😉

Apart from that this strange edition of ADworld Experience can begin. We expect about 100 live participants in Bologna (in rooms that would normally contain over 300 people) + about 200 connected online.

Italian speakers will all be on site in Bologna, while foreign ones will be connected remotely. It will still be possible to interact with like they were here thanks to the powerful digital means in our possession 😉

However, I am sure that the contents presented will live up to our tradition (if not superior) and it is a pleasure and an honor for me to host so many high-level professionals every year both among the speakers and among the participants.

Today more than ever, may the ROI be with you! 🙂

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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