ADworld Experience 2020 postponed to October 15 & 16

ADworld Experience 2020 postponed to October 15 & 16

Corona Virus 1 – Adworld Experience 0, and kick off again.

Given the evolution of the situation, we decided to postpone the event to October 15 & 16, 2020, when we plan to balance the score with this invisible, but aggressive enemy (3/13 UPDATE: Dates redefined due to a massive fair in Bologna rescheduled in the same period).

Even if they would have let us do the event behind closed doors to broadcast it via streaming, in fact, a fairly large group of people would have had to gather anyway and we could not eliminate in any way the risk of creating problems for someone and further favoring the bastard.

Complete virtualization would also have eliminated one of the main ADworld Experience’s pluses: to let the best PPC professionals in the world known each other and interact (and I am referring to participants, not only to the speakers).

For this reason we decided to reprogram everything in September.

I have already heard all the speakers and, except for a few variations, the program will remain very similar and the location will be the same.

Of course, those who want to cancel their participation (and receive a full refund), or transform it into a streaming link, can do so at any time, and at no cost, up to 15 days before September 3, by writing a simple email to info @

Since there are less than 20 seats available live and the price will continue to rise as they decrease, I advise you to secure your seat immediately, and then evaluate what to do calmly.

I have no doubt that we will win this game if we stick together and avoid doing stupid things! 😉

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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