Brad Geddes AdWords advanced seminar and case history

Brad Geddes AdWords advanced seminar and case history

Here we publish the interview to Brad Geddes, one of the most renowned AdWords experts in the world (and first Google aknowledged seminar leader wordly), who will held at ADworld Experience 2015 a full day advanced seminar on the 4/16 and expose a case history on the conference of 4/17.
What will your case history be about exactly?
My case study is going to examine how a mid-sized ecommerce account went from a 2% to 6.5% conversion rate while increasing its CTR by several points through mostly ad testing.  I’ll get into:

  • How we decided what to test
  • The types of tests conducted (multi-ad group, single ad group, etc)
  • How we used that data to determine what ads to keep
  • The testing iterations
  • How the data was used to create effective sitelinks and callout extensions
  • The overall results

In this particular case, we didn’t change the website at all. The only things changed were a little bit of the organization and lots of ad testing.
If you should convince someone to come to listen to you, what would you say?
Ad testing is extremely important to any account. Your ads are the only part of your account that a searcher actually sees. Therefore, a good ad needs to attract attention, qualify the user, and get the click when its appropriate. While I’m going to use an ecommerce account as my example, this type of testing applies to any company type. Anyone should be able to see this presentation and then come up with their own testing framework that will help them increase the overall profitability of their account.
What are you working on presently?
At the moment, I’m multi-tasking quite a bit.  I’m conducting several AdWords audits, updating some tools and videos for Certified Knowledge, and updating the presentation for the AdWords Workshops. I’ll be giving one of these workshops at ADworld Experience in Bologna, so I want to make sure its up-to-date with the most important information that users can learn about AdWords.
What would you like to be when you grow?
My larger project at the moment is AdAlysis. AdAlysis is an ad testing tool that automatically calculates ad tests, gives you testing insight and a lot more. We’ve enjoyed a lot of growth from agencies to companies of all size; but there’s a lot more that can be done to make ad testing even more robust and easy to accomplish; so my longer term goal is to keep building features into that tool so that everyone managing AdWords can easily improve their account through creative ad testing.
See all details of Brad Geddes advanced AdWords seminar on 4/16 in Bologna (Italy).
Or join ADworld Experience via streaming or live on 4/17/2015.

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