New custom audience targeting options in GDN

New custom audience targeting options in GDN

Yesterday creating a new custom audience I have spotted some new options available globally for Google Display Network campaigns:

  1. There is now a distinction between Google’s properties and the rest of Display Network;
  2. Now you can target people who visited certain categories of places.

The first distinction is probably linked to the merging process of in-market and affinity audiences (announced at the last Google Marketing Live event) and a logic consequence of the increasing diffusion of Discovery Campaigns.

This option clarifies that in the Google ecosystem the targeting could be more laser pointed to specific queries searched by the user before navigating a Google’s own property. This is quite intuitive, considering also that at least 60% of Internet users are now logged in Google’s services on several different devices using Android OS or simply do not log out after having used Gmail (the World’s largest Email provider).

Activating this option is of course very interesting if you choose sufficiently specific keywords (as I usually do) and, frankly, I do not see any real downsides also using it with more generic keys. It will only give you more control on who sees the ads when in Google’s properties and work exactly as before for the rest of the GDN.

The following option labeled “People who browse types of websites” is nothing really new, but only a different and separate way to see URL targeting previously mixed together with keywords.

I am not completely sure “People who browse types of apps” (allowing to search for app names in Play Store), wasn’t already available before, because I never tried to type in an app URL, but now is for sure more specific and focused to app users.

While it is disappeared (by now) the possibility to target visitors of specific cities/locations, which was active till some time ago (if I am not mistaken).

The last one instead is another very interesting newcomer. With this options you can now refine your audience targeting including people who recently visited the following macro-categories of locations:

  • Food & Drink
  • Grocery Store
  • Professional Services
  • Language Schools
  • Tutoring Services
  • Schools & Education Services
  • Cultural Venues

Of course this could be very interesting if you can find a good fit for the kind of place you have to promote, and I am ready to bet these will soon be expanded to include, for instance: accommodation facilities, repair services and other specific local services.

I found them on several different accounts, so I assume this is now or will soon be available worldwide.

What do you think of these new options?

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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