New Display campaigns setting options

New Display campaigns setting options

Google is updating just now setting options of new display campaigns in AdWords accounts. If you create a new display campaign in the updated accounts you may see a screen like this:

Basically these are the same options that were there before, but made a little more “user friendly” for those who have not a great knowledge of the platform. I have not had yet the time to try out all the options, but probably:

  • build awareness will set the campaign to CPM (cost per thousand impressions);
  • influence consideration is the classic display campaign with keywords contextual targeting;
  • drive actions also includes remarketing, call and location ad extensions (with a little innovation that we will see later) and promotion of new applications downloads;
  • grow loyalty refers (for now) to promote the use of apps already installed on devices.

In Google they want probably to use this new set of goals to drive all new types of targeted display options that will be launched on the market, so I would not be surprised to see new sub-items in the coming weeks.
Once the campaign is created according to one of the schemes available, selecting the landing page appears the second innovation:
The system now in fact suggests the selection of keywords required for contextual targeting, extracting them from a quick scan of the landing page. It appears to work quite well (in English), looking at the suggested keys for this own website.
Finally, another small but important new feature is the option of inserting a manual address in the location extensions.
display-new3As many may remember, it was a very useful feature working before the full integration with Google+ MyBusiness pages, but had then been eliminated. It seems to have reappeared now, probably because the rigidity of the new location extensions must have created a lot of issues to advertisers (and to AdWords support).

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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