PPC World News Live #64

PPC World News Live #64

The top international news on Pay Per Click and Conversion Rate Optimization in weeks from February 29 to March 13, 2020, commented in a live video by Gianpaolo Lorusso, the founder of ADworld Experience with Lars Maat (Maatwerk Online), one of the best known Dutch specialists for Facebook Bots and FB Ads.

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Here are the links to the commented news:

The impact of optimization scores and recommendations on Google Partner agencies

New LinkedIn Ads Features to Save Time & Improve Targeting

Why conversions imported in Google Ads from Analytics may be severely underestimated

Match type changes & campaign structure choices in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising

How Corona virus will be impacting digital Ad budgets

GoogleAds makes available maximize conversions & maximize conversion via portfolio bidding strategies


May the ROI be with you! 😉

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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