Virus or not, we will be there! ;-)

Virus or not, we will be there! ;-)

Do we want a (stupid) virus to stop us? Naaay! ADworld Experience will for sure be on April 23 and 24, 2020.

In the very unlikely event that local authorities will ask us not to do it live in Bologna, we are in fact ready to fully virtualize and broadcast both days sessions via live streaming (which already is one of the available ways to join us).

By early April we will know it and we will spread the news to give everyone time to get organized.

Of course, those who want to cancel their registration will be allowed to do it at no cost up to 15 days before the event, just as they can change the live ticket in a streaming pass until 4/22 (it will also be possible to switch once the event has begun, but we cannot guarantee real time responses).

It is a difficult time for the entire World, but if we react calmly and without panicking (for no reason), we will come out stronger and more organized than before.

May the ROI (and sanitizing gel) be with you ?

PS: there are less than 30 live spots left in Bologna now. Virus or non-virus, very soon streaming passes will be the only way to join!

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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