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A small recap of the latest AdWords rollouts

A small recap of the latest AdWords rollouts

06As usual, pre-summer period brings a lot of innovations in AdWords. I tried here to recap the main new features rolled out in May, June and first days of July. Here are the most important ones in order of appearance:

  • On July 1 Google announced that location extensions will also include user reviews from the Google+ My Business connected pages, which will be shown directly in your AdWords ads. The activation of this feature is automatic and you have not to do anything more than what is already being done to enable the extension (link your G + and filter the locations to be promoted).
  • Is finally possible to remarket users already engaged by our website with search remarketing lists coming from Analytics (here is the official announcement on June 6th. It was a long awaited feature by all remarketing lovers, because you can now create lists much more tailored on your needs, for example: skimming visitors who have “bounced” immediately or using Analytics  custom geo-demographic segments, or selecting users who still remained in certain areas of the site within a certain time or have seen more than X pages. All things that you can not do with native AdWords remarketing tracking code.
  • Clicks on banners in mobile applications is much more precise now, because have been excluded clicks on the edges of the banner, ads clickability has been delayed a few seconds after the page fully loads and some interstitial ads formats close to install icon have been removed. It should all bring to less accidental clicks. Here is the official announcement by Google on June 26).
  • Clients Centers (MCC) become “Manager Accounts” and enriched with various functionalities, among which the most important is surely the ability to modify simultaneously multiple campaigns in separate accounts as if they were in a single one (here is the June 4 official announcement).

Besides these latest innovations, if you use third-party tracking tools the deadline for the automatic migration to the new “upgraded URL” has been postponed to August 1 (it was July 1). The new feature has separated additional tracking parameters used by external tools from the final URL, so that you can avoid to validate again ads every time a tracking parameter changes.
Finally there were some adjustments to current AdWords user interface (pending the total redesign which is rumored for some time in the next future). Here are the main innovations:

  • CPA target simulator is now available in the control panel and in shared libraries and lets you see what would happen in the last 7 days (in theory) with different acquisition costs. Here is a small guide of the tool.
  • From 6/3 automatic CPC bidding to maximize clicks is available for shopping campaigns too. It is in bidding strategies menu under optimize for clicks option. Here a description of the feature.
  • There are 3 new customizable columns in engagement metrics of  rich media ads (lightbox ads), showing how users interact with the ads before the click.
  • There are several news for video campaigns advertisers too (apart form the fact that they will soon be integrated in the main panel together with the other ones). Trueview parameters for in-stream ads have been changed to consider as viewed a video even before the usual 30 seconds if the user clicks on one of the interactive parts (but not on the video itself, that, when clicked, will be paused and not bring the user to the landing page). Trueview technology will be extended to the mobile app network too. Here you will find some more details.

Let’s close with the news of the update of Consumer Barometer with new data from 56 countries ranging now in more than 20 product categories. But for sure we will have to expect some other roll out, so, stay tuned 😉

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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