The State of PPC in Europe (SURVEY)

PPC World News Live #46

PPC World News Live #46

The top international news on Pay Per Clic and Conversion Rate Optimization in weeks from June 27 to July 27, 2019, commented in a live video by Gianpaolo Lorusso, the founder of ADworld Experience.

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Here are the links to the commented news:

Monitoring IS loss due to budget

Recent (& important) innovations in Linkedin Ads

Bidding strategies & compatible adjustments cheatsheet

Call for speakers at ADworld Experience 202 (April 23-24, in Bologna – Italy)

Microsoft launches its own campaign experiments

Changes to viewable text and images aspect ratio in Facebook Ads mobile feed

3 new Amazon’s sponsored brands improvements

Monitoring Impression Search volume

Small guide to Google Display Engagement Ads

Microsoft now has ad customizers too

Google expands links allowed in site link extensions

Microsoft changes its position metrics too (but keeping average position alive)


May the ROI be with you! 😉  

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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