We are almost there now…

We are almost there now…

The final version of ADworld Experience 2023 program is online. It includes advanced seminars in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok, YouTube and Analytics on the first day (10/5/23) and real cases of PPC campaigns on the second day (10/6/23 ).

Speakers will be moderated by Valerio Celletti (one of the most well-known and respected Italian GAds specialists), Enrica Campana (a young rising star in the PPC sector) and Davide Mascetti (long-time SEM professional and founder of DMStudioweb).

On the first day of the event (Thursday 5 October) there will be advanced seminars by:

  • Mike Rhodes (among the first in the world to use scripts to optimize new Google PMax campaigns),
  • Tom Breeze (long-time video advertising specialist),
  • Fiona Bradley (Social Media Marketing specialist and freelancer of the year in the UK twice in the last 3 years),
  • Alessandro Frangioni (one of the first Italian specialists to try his hand at TikTokAds),
  • Veronica Gentili (great expert in Social Media Marketing),
  • Raffaele Girace (with a presentation on smart data enrichment for FBAds),
  • Kamel Ben Yacoub (best selling Linkedin Ads professional),
  • Anthony Tedesco (Global Search Strategist at Cisco and author of 3 of the 10 most read posts of 2022 on Searchengineland.com),
  • Lars Maat (Dutch specialist with license to kill in GA4)
  • Markéta Kabàtovà (highly followed Czech PPC expert, who will analyze the prospects of SEM agencies in 2024 and beyond).

Like last year, there will also be a Google Ads Clinic and a Facebook Ads Clinic, two sessions dedicated entirely to the live analysis of participants’ accounts carried out by the speakers + some experts from the rich panel of Italian and international PPC Jedi knights.

On the second day (Friday 6 October) the same speakers will present their PPC case stories plus:

  • Peter Maas (hyperlocal lead gen),
  • Silvia Balejcikovà (B2B campaigns),
  • Miroslav Varga (3 simple & nice cases),
  • Michael Vittori and Max Pavesio (keyword, audience or both?)
  • Himani Maurya & Kenia Gonzalez (to ROAS or not to ROAS?),
  • Barrie Smith (when AI makes mistakes),
  • Witold Wrodarczyk (do you turn off the chicken or keep the best customers forever?),
  • Alessandro Terra (YT & PMax),
  • Matteo Erodi and Alberto Morelli (use – well – communities),
  • Paolo Santanicchia (Facebook and Instagram Ads for politics),
  • Antonino Polimeni (from GAds to the court),
  • Alberto Mari & Emanuele Budroni (omnichannel “full strength”),
  • Fabio Prettico (how to do +290% revenue at Christmas and Black Friday),
  • Luigi Virginio (lead gen in a “monstre” account),
  • Sante Occhiuzzi and Andrea Padova (margin optimization),
  • Andrea di Petrillo (scaling e-commerce in 30 countries),
  • Valerio Sciotti and Luca Bontempi (labelizer & other essential tools tested in 2023)
  • Michele Arena (a new framework for GAds).

The live places in Bologna at the Zanhotel Europa (in the central station area) are now practically sold out and therefore the registration price will soon skyrocket! However, there is always the possibility of following the live streaming, which still allows you to watch all the speeches in real time and ask questions to the speakers via the event app.

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Gianpaolo Lorusso
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