Top 10 PPC News from March 31 to April 14, 2023

Top 10 PPC News from March 31 to April 14, 2023

The top 10 international Pay Per Click Industry News from March 31 to April 14, 2023, commented live by Gianpaolo Lorusso, the founder of ADworld Experience.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 How to use micro-conversions to unlock your campains’ potential
Andrew Lolk explains in-details and shows numbers on why tracking conversions before the real ones is so important to auto-optimize campaigns

#2 Duplicated conversions in GA4 have little time
Charles Farina spotted a very interesting dedupe counting method option rolled out in some accounts

#3 4 attribution models in GA4 will be retired on May
First-click, linear, time-decay and position-based are being retired starting from September in favour of data-driven model

#4 Linkedin Video ads best practices for BtoB
VidMob a LI partner released some interesting insights retrieved from the analysis of more than 800M impressions in NORAM & EMEA

#5 How to manage PMax negatives without asking a Google Rep
Miles McNair discovered that Google representatives can link PMax to negative keywords lists too

#6 How to scale YouTube Ads campaigns
Anna Sonnenberg (SME) shares a very in-depth, step-bystep guide to YouTube ads optimization

#7 a real case of LinkedinAds exposed
B2Linked shares data and insights from a really interesting LIAds case story

#8 Interesting TikTokAds examples to be inspired by
Tara Johnson (Tinuiti) shared 9 super-good TikTok Ad real cases

#9 How to use Impression Share to optimize your account
Anthony Tedesco shares a very interesting post diving in-depth into how IS can be used to gather performance insights

#10 How to know when to scale GAds campaigns
Navah Hopkins shares some interesting key performance indicators to know when a campaign is ready to scale

Setting up RSA for easier analysis

How to compare UA & GA4 data with Linear Regression
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Gianpaolo Lorusso
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