Top 10 PPC News from 9 to 16 February 2024

Top 10 PPC News from 9 to 16 February 2024

The top ten of the most interesting world news on Pay Per Click from 9 to 16 February 2024, commented live by Gianpaolo Lorusso, the founder of ADworld Experience.

In the video (In Italian) contents are exposed starting from #10 (as in any self-respecting top ten ;-))

1) GA4 now includes a Consent Mode verification panel
Tamas Geiger (GTM4WP) was one of the first to reshare the new feature. It should now be on all accounts.

2) Meta apologizes for an error that caused accounts to be over-budgeted
If your account has also spent recklessly, a refund may be on the way (in the news there is also an explanation on how to request it)

3) Beware of overestimating conversions in PMax campaigns
Krzysztof Bycina draws attention to a (so far isolated) case of conversion overcounting due to “engaged views” active views of ads

4) Pinterest makes a distribution agreement for Google ads
Even the social media for images (widely used in the USA) enters the Display network (GDN) – Ivan Mehta

5) Google is perhaps starting to take steps to seriously fight scammers
Navah Hopkins shares a warning message from Google about new policies for misleading ads (perhaps also due to negative reports published recently) (Nandini Jammi and Claire Atkin) (Google policies)

6) Latest news from Meta
Bram Van der Hallen shared a small recap of 8 new features in Facebook Ads

7) How to exclude fake conversions in an e-commerce campaign
Giuseppe Scollo reminds us that there is a procedure to eliminate fake conversions from GAds

8) Linkedin finally releases UTM tagging at the campaign level
Gabriel Ehrlich reshared the screenshot of the eagerly awaited new feature

9) The art of manual bidding in GAds (& Microsoft)
Sarah Stemen explains when and why managing CPC manually is still useful (as all experienced PPC specialists should know)

10) Amazon Ads introduces search term reporting in product sponsorship
Alexander Swade shares the news (very useful for seeing overlaps between campaigns, the next step should be the ability to avoid them)


Choice of video formats in DGen campaigns (Dario Zannoni) –
Are automatic assets reliable? (Joshua Zurawski) –

New Free PSA Webinar on Creative Ways to Succeed in GAds (Greg Finn) –

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May ROI be with you and… more peace for all! 🙂

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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