Here are AdWords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin & CRO Video-Courses/Cases from adwexp18

Here are AdWords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin & CRO Video-Courses/Cases from adwexp18

Videos of the advanced Pay Per Click courses and case histories presented at ADworld Experience are now available in our Online Shop.

There are 1.5h or 45 minutes seminars on AdWords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads & CRO + 30 minutes real PPC and Conversion Rates Optimization video-cases.

Among the speakers some of the World’s leading specialists in these fields: from Frederick Vallaeys (Optmyzr) to Dennis Yu, Sam Collier & Tanner Laycock (Facebook Ads), AJ Wilcox (Linkedin Ads), Andrew Lolk (Shopping campaigns), Tim Stewart (CRO & Analytics), Anu Adegbola (Excel & scripts), Liam Wade (e-commerce campaigns), Pauline Jakober (Group27), Florian Nottorf (Adference), Duane Brown (Quora & Reddit), Sahil Jain (AdStage), Tomasz Sasiadek (Bluerank), Edgar Špongolts (ConversionXL).  See speaker’s bios.

To all of them my most sincere gratitude and a strong recognition of professionalism and value (looking back at the videos you can clearly perceive the quality of the speeches). My special compliments to Dennis Yu, Liam Wade and Anu Adegbola, who presented the most voted case stories and won the PPC Caesars Award 2018.

Another great thanks goes to the over 320 participants (absolute record of all editions), in Bologna or via streaming, who made ADworld Experience the largest PPC event in Europe, repaying me for all the hard work done and pushing to futher improvement in next editions. The real reason for the success in organizing such an advanced international event, capable of attracting the very best PPC specialists in the World, are the suporters who make it bigger and stronger every year.

See videos of ADworld Experience 2018


Gianpaolo Lorusso
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