How to optimize GAds campaigns with PPC CheckMate methodology

How to optimize GAds campaigns with PPC CheckMate methodology

In my experience (now almost twenty years old) there are 2 main reasons why GAds accounts may underperform.

Google is for sure happy if you get great results from campaigns. And this is not because they are incurable philanthropists (even if Big G is among those who help most the Non Profits), but because they know that the more you earn, the more you will spend in ads.

But their primary goal (the one investors will measure them against) is their revenue, not yours.

The interface design, automatic recommendations and even Google reps’ suggestions almost always imply, directly or indirectly, a budget increase. If everything goes well, you should then also see a greater result on your side.

All suggestions (automatic and humanwise) should in the end be measured only on real contribution to your ROI. Leave all the rest to competitors.

The second problem is that each case has its own peculiarities and usually there isn’t a single way to promote it, but several alternatives that could bring more or less results.

I have seen totally messed up campaigns working great (as I never thought they could do) and others, technically perfect, languish on the edge of “pausing and consider changing your job”.

Wonders of Google Machine Learning (when there are enough data to let it work).

That’s why to optimize a Google Ads account it is essential to track all conversion actions and, if there are not enough of them, you must also track actions showing a strong interest in the promoted contents. This way you will know for sure if lack of results is due to your sending the wrong people to the landing pages or relies on external problems.

Apart from working through the mourning of an off-market item and tracking everything you can, what can you do to be sure to get the most out of GAds?

A scientific optimization method, such as “PPC CheckMate”, is essential. That’s why I updated the original 2016 infographic with all the latest from Big G.

This is my little Christmas present for you 😉

Here you can download PPC CheckMate infographic in PDF format

Everything beautiful, but how can we optimize our real GAds campaigns?

Here you will find a Free Synthetic Google Ads Guide updated to all latest GAds innovations +

In our online shop you will find a lot of Google Ads real cases & training courses

May the ROI be with you 🙂

Gianpaolo Lorusso
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